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  1. dr_al

    How many gallons of Cider in 2016

    5 gallons of apple blackberry cider. 979.75+5= 984.75
  2. dr_al

    Welch's Grape Juice Wine

    I started a 1 gallon batch 3 or 4 years ago, racked it and stabilized, life got insane, I kept topping off that airlock and never touched it. This week I moved and transferred it to a new container and took a taste, It is amazing after sitting for so long. I need to find my log now the...
  3. dr_al

    Simple Summer Sipper: A Hard Cider How-To

    I have done this and it's a great easy to do cider my wife would drink as well. I drink the drier stuff but this is a nice change. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  4. dr_al

    Blueberry something.

    well its fermenting away hope it turns out well
  5. dr_al

    Blueberry something.

    I had a nagging feeling about the acid, I will watch it and stir it, I have test strips but not a meter yet, I do have the potassium carbonate... Acid seems to be my nemesis on most batches, they ferment good but i'm not happy with the flavor. But I learn every time so sooner or later it wont...
  6. dr_al

    Blueberry something.

    1.096 for the blueberry and 1.084 for the leftovers, added d47 and it seems to be starting up slowly but surely.
  7. dr_al

    Blueberry something.

    It started as a recipe from Terry Gerrys book, p. 90, Sal's Blueberry wine... it turned into 4.5 lbs of fresh blueberries from a friends farm, a nice mix of sweet and tart. 5.5 lbs of wildflower/white clover honey a mix of leftovers I had laying around. 9.5 pints of water, I started by...
  8. dr_al

    Mango Habanero Hard Cider

    the chicken sounds and looks tasty, I am very tempted to try adding part of a hab from my garden later this year into a batch of cider.
  9. dr_al

    angry orchard cider

    Depends, we all have to try it first lol.
  10. dr_al

    Angry Orchard

    from my liquid out post, i have o rings i'm just annoyed that i prolly need to tear things apart and swap ect. so my goal is to drink it all before my mostly empty tank is empty.
  11. dr_al

    Angry Orchard

    I gave up on my clone, I like the way my recipe turned out better than AO. Now i just need to work on kegging damn keg started to leak after a month...
  12. dr_al

    Making some Kahlua with splenda

    next day tasting note, skip the chocolate or reduce it allot its to chocolatey.
  13. dr_al

    Making some Kahlua with splenda

    I had a recipe I loved but lost it. I have been looking at recipes for a few hours now and this is what I have come up with after a few batches. 20 cups of coffee, each pot was brewed with 9 heaping tablespoons of grounds. I have tried it with instant my wife and I prefer the grounds by...
  14. dr_al

    sour cider

    give it time, the sour will mellow out i prefer to wait 6 months for my dry ciders and every month after that they just keep getting better.
  15. dr_al

    First Cider Brew

    put your ear to the bucket, hear any thing? fizzing? if you do make sure your lid is sealed sooner or later it should make your airlock bubble.