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  1. Dr. Francois

    Porter from 50% Brown Malt?

    That malt doesn't have enzymes, so you can't use it as 100% in all grain brewing.
  2. Dr. Francois

    Best SMaSH recipe you've made???

    I'm not fond of Cascade for bittering. I might do an ounce at 60 or FWH and move the other two ounces later in the boil, perhaps as a whirlpool addition.
  3. Dr. Francois

    Inkbird itc-308? $35 gets you wired, 2 stage temp controller.

    Just curious: For those using the ITC-308 as a chest freezer fermentation controller, what settings are you using for HD and CD settings? I don't want to short cycle my freezer.
  4. Dr. Francois

    wilserbrewer Black Friday blow out sale!

    +1 I ordered a custom bag for my 10 gallon aluminum kettle in a non-standard brewing size. Fit was spot-on.
  5. Dr. Francois

    wilserbrewer Black Friday blow out sale!

    Great bags, great merchant.
  6. Dr. Francois

    Safeale S-33 - Wyeast 1214

    S-33 is the British EDME strain. It's not Belgian at all. It has good alcohol tolerance, so some use it for that reason. For the two beers you mention, a Belgian strain is going to be weird. Stick to clean/simple/neutral. A half packet of US-05, Nottingham, or S-04 would be a better match.
  7. Dr. Francois

    Carafoam is Fermentable

    I did an experiment to determine if Carafoam really just adds non-fermentable body-building dextrines or if it fully fermentable. Recipe: 6 lbs (60%) Rahr 2 Row 4 lbs (40%) Weyermann Carafoam Mashed-in to rest at 153 for 45 minutes. Mash-out at 170. 60 minute boil. Four hop additions at...
  8. Dr. Francois

    Whirlpool paddle and video. Check it out

    This seems like a lower-tech, lower cost solution for a whirlpool/IC setup than a pump and whirlpool arm (JZ style chiller). I need to get cleaner transfers, but I'm worried about hop debris clogging my pump as I recirculate and whirlpool hot wort. Seriously considering this...
  9. Dr. Francois

    Whirlpool paddle and video. Check it out

    is the plastic cap heat safe to boiling temps?
  10. Dr. Francois

    Cheap compact wort pump

    I'm very sorry for asking redundant questions, as I'm sure this questions is covered somewhere in the thousands of posts on this thread. I thought asking a redundant question in the thread was better than cluttering the forum with a new thread. Please disregard my question if you wish. If you...
  11. Dr. Francois

    Trappist Single Patersbier SMaSH

    Mine is carbonating in the keg right now. Hydrometer sample was very nice, but perhaps a little boring. I tend to like bold flavors...this is more "delicate." I'll report back once it's on tap (but I might wait for a little snow to melt before I tap it). Here's my summary...
  12. Dr. Francois

    D(rye) Irish Stout

    Well, how'd brew day go?
  13. Dr. Francois

    D(rye) Irish Stout

    Why not sub flaked rye for the flaked barley? Sent from my SGH-T889 using Home Brew mobile app