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  1. DonH

    Haier - Triple Tap Kegerator

    Up for sale is my Triple Tap Haier Kegerator! Great condition and comes with the following: 5# Tank Regulator Gas lines with 3 way splitter 3 pin lock corny kegs $600 OBO picked up - Located in Ontario California Please PM me with any questions!
  2. DonH

    California stainless CFC chiller

    Where are you located?
  3. DonH

    California Single Side - Commercial Beverage Fridge - Fermentation Cabinet

    Hello HBT! Im selling my single side coke fridge to make room for a double side - I’ve had ZERO problems cold crashing , holding temps in the summer and winter etc with this - I’m upgrading to a double side for increased capacity with my new conicals. This fits 4 carboys no problem or even the...
  4. DonH

    Free Shipping today at wilserbrewer BIAB Bags

    20 miles east of Los Angeles is really not international :confused:
  5. DonH

    Free Shipping today at wilserbrewer BIAB Bags

    When are we notified of shipment of our order? Had an email stating international extra, got the $5 refund, but no shipping information. Its not international shipping either way also, Im in ontario, California
  6. DonH

    Free Shipping today at wilserbrewer BIAB Bags

    ordered another one :) just had my other bag after 25 batches come apart :(
  7. DonH

    California **FREE - Kegerator Refrigerator**

    Free Refrigerator already used as a kegerator! Switching over to a keezer due to moving soon and height restrictions. The Low Down: - Fridge works amazing! Freezer stays very ice cold. Used it to store yeast cultures, hops etc. and Ice cream. i love ice cream - I have a wooden platform...
  8. DonH

    My DIY Whirlpool Arm

    I hook it all up with 15 minutes left and start to pump during boil for the last 10 minutes.
  9. DonH

    Got free bottles to give away? Post 'em here!

    I have close to 120 12oz bottles in boxes. some dirty, some clean, all will need cleaning. No labels on any of them. Free to a good home! Need them gone, or else going to the recycling center. Located on Ontario, California. Give me a call if interested (909)921-5521
  10. DonH

    Kegco Mill?

    i actually have no issues with it going with the supplied manual arm attachment either. 7 batches in, 86% efficiency every time (BIAB)