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    Central Illinois Brew Clubs

    im in ottawa to. Been brewing for about 1.5 years. I no of a guy in marseilles who is trying to start a club. i will post the info i get from him when i get it. josh donahue
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    Keg Connection dude was cool as hell..

    I agree great customer service
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    They do sell empty bottles. The soda bottles will work but probably not your best bet for long term storage. I have used them in the past and they seemed to work fine for me. Dont know about the mason jars.
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    BrewVint Alcohol Boost ?????

    I have used it on couple of brews and it did not change the color or taste but did raise the alcohol content by a little under 1% on each
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    Can you bottle in growler?

    thanks for all the help guys.
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    Can you bottle in growler?

    I am a newer brewer that loves all the helpful info on this site. Thanks. But the question I have is Can you bottle in growlers. I can't seem to find the answer here. Thanks