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    What got everyone into Homebrewing initially?

    I had my first homebrew experience in 1996 while stationed in 29 Palms with a buddy. Flash forward from that 5 gallons to 2008. Growing up my friends dad had always homebrewed and as such my friend Dave brought a keg of Oatmeal stout to a game night at my house. I lived about 1000 feet from the...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewed up 6 gallons of Cali Common, 6 gallons Canadian lager and 5 gallons of Apflevine
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    Ideas for summer drinking

    The fruits, cal common, Apflevine, Canadian lager and Shandy planned for a few weeks away
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    Ideas for summer drinking

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    Ideas for summer drinking

    Every year in my neighborhood we have a festive 4th of July. This has resulted in my brewing 4 different beers and Apflevine. Last year I made Biermunchers blonde ale, a southern brown, apricot wheat and blood orange IPA Looking for ideas, beers need to be ready to carb by July 2nd Thanks...
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    What Is Your Carrry?

    H&k usp until tendon damage forced me to switch to a M&P.40
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    What's your profession?

    Insurance claims adjuster, former police k9 handler and us navy corpsman 1995 to 05 Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    to any Costco member

    I am lucky enough to live near a Costco Business Center , I have bought many a strainer, collander, graduated container and gallons of water by the case. As for the connection, I dont know if this is for all members or the Executive ones. I know with as much as we shop there the executive makes...
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    NHC 2012 First Round Scoresheets

    I can say that I sent in 6 beers, 6 came back with nothing written on them for place and the scores were medicore at best. I did get good feedback but wish the one beer I made special would have done better. Ohh well. I will hold off until saturday to drink my remaining bottles.
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    By God, I love fermentation! (Just a joy of brewing thread)

    Go to it's my lhbs and there is an extract clone under the recipies tab Jay
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    Beersmith 2.0 Mash Problem!!

    Beavdog, I had the same problem, once i started putting the percentage at 50 and below the double batch started to work.
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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

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    Doggies Dig the Sweet Wort Wood.

    Here is my brew buddy, he is also my patrol partner. He enjoys spent grain dog treats Jay