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  1. dmob29

    4 faucet jockey box build

    All of them that I have seen are cast alum blocks with 1/4 ID stainless tubing inside. I was just poking around and found an ebay item pretty much exactly what I got... cold plate
  2. dmob29

    4 faucet jockey box build

    By jumpers are meaning run it through one line then directly into a second before going out to the faucet? If it is, no... went through only one circuit and seems to work well. I guess if you are dispensing fairly often you could double it up to get more chilled beer in the lines.
  3. dmob29

    4 faucet jockey box build

    I can say that this thing has been working great for us! We have used it at a few camping trips (CHA fest at Lake Casitas) where day time temps are getting up to mid-high 80's and the kegs are sitting out under a tree. We never actually measured it, but it dispenses fairly cold. One thing we...
  4. dmob29

    What Am I doing wrong?

    You are taking 2 samples, one before fermenting (Original Gravity), then after (Final Gravity) to determine alcohol? These readings are using the 1.000 - 1.090 scale, not the Potential Alcohol which is shown in a percentage. You also need to watch the temp of the sample as most hydros are...
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    Hefe Update/Questions

    Congrats BTW on your first batch!!
  6. dmob29

    Hefe Update/Questions

    Hard to see it clearly, but looks close to 1.012 or .010. In a rush to bottle/keg? If not, let it hang out for another week.
  7. dmob29

    Homebrewing cost effectiveness

    Bummer dude... I have converted several of my friends to start drinking or at least trying different beer just from my brews... even got the wife to start liking beer!!! That is a win all by itself and completely negates the cost of brewing!!!!
  8. dmob29

    Homebrewing cost effectiveness

    Ya, there are a lot of good points I didn't think about, equipment and other stuff... my time spent on this hobby doesn't equate to a dollar amount. I don't brew to make "inexpensive" beer, I do it cause it's enjoyable.
  9. dmob29

    Homebrewing cost effectiveness

    Doing all grain, 5 gal batches, buying hops by the pound online, I can brew an IPA or even a IIPA for $26 per batch, which is about $3.25 per six pack. This is of course after the purchase of all my brew equipment and also kegging. I always have some old 12 or 22 oz bottles around or growlers...
  10. dmob29

    Blow off tube for the duration of fermentation

    I usually use a blow off tube for the first week or so or when I actually remember to throw an airlock on it. My blow off tubes are relatively small as I use a 3/8" tube with a cutoff ball point pen housing. Fits perfectly in the stopper hole, easily changed out and yes it seems small, but...
  11. dmob29

    Belgian Carmel wit mold?

    I personally keep Belgians in primary, at relatively high(er) temps for a couple months. This lets the yeast give you those sweet and fruity flavors, but also gives it a chance to clean up some of the other crap they produce. Unless you are in a hurry, 2 weeks may be enough time, take a gravity...
  12. dmob29

    Does this look normal with pictures

    Don't sweat it, like the others said could be yeast, maybe hops if you used pellets. Also that temp for Notty is fine... very resilient strain, clean too if at lower temps!
  13. dmob29

    Landers Fred

    Hey Sacc, ever tried throwing 3763 on your Irish Red??? Looking to get a simple sour going and really like this recipe... thoughts?
  14. dmob29

    West Fanders Red

    Right on, I'm thinking about doing something similar. Thanks for the info and hope this turns out awesome for ya!!
  15. dmob29

    West Fanders Red

    Have you tasted this yet? 3763 was your primary yeast blend right? I've heard that this one in primary can get funky fairly quickly.