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    Yet another Lager prob

    I am working on a third yeast pack, which has not grown for me. The first two didn’t even swell (I didn’t bother pitching the second one), this third yeast pack Wyeast Lager, don’t remember which. Well this last one swelled quiet well, I thought the packet might explode. So after 4 hours I...
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    Wyeast prob

    any one have a problem with wyeast not propagating ? I had 2 smack packs that wouldnt swell. The third I left in the warm car and it swelled after 15 minutes. I have never started a starter culture and have had very good luck. This time I itched it anyway and no growth. I am doing a lager, and...
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    sissy beer advise needed :)

    gotta respect the wife that drinks homebrew, but the less she drinks the more for ma haha Joe
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    confused kegger

    In and out mixed up???
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    Under Pressure

    I find the wort chills faster if the water is running faster. Not a jet stream across the floor but faster than a trickle.
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    Propane indoors

    I have done it with some ventilation, open window and fan in the winter in upstate NY. NO problems I am still alive. The only reason I quit was because of the wife. It was much easier to move outside and just drink more beer than listen to that constant nagging. haha:mug:
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    Growing hops...

    I grew 4 different one this year didn't do so well only got to about 8 feet for one and the others less than 3 feet. I was a bit lazy with the watering so I cant complain. I will try again next year. Any one try the commercial fertilizer. The wife seem to think that would help with over...
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    Probably not the right list but here goes.... Why does homemade root beer have such a small amount of alcohol????
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    Midwest Supplies woes

    Now I know where I want to relocate to!!!!!
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    Bottle bomb 3 months later?

    Did a batch in the dead of winter and sored on 3 season porch when spring hit ferment started again and we had multiple bottle bombs. The sad story gave brother in law a six pack and he put in his cupboard yup they blew up his wife was real happy
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    Exploding Keg

    Double post sorry
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    Exploding Keg

    Ok well I wont tell her any of that then I will have to explain only more :tank:
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    Exploding Keg

    Wife (is that SWOB???) has voiced another concern, has anyone ever had a korny explode on them??? It seems to me I tap into it almost each night to draw off a brew so the ones Im into are lowered. any thoughts???
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    Reuse yeast first try

    Well I went down to check on it, the blow off tube was perkin a litle bit so I wanted to take a sniff and see how it smelled, so I got nice and close as I cracked the stopper just a little bit and the thing blew off in my hand got wort, hops yeast slury all over myself face eyes ceiling walls...
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    Milk Can

    Anyone ever try using a milk can modified for a boiler???? I think they are aluminum