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    My dog Chief is 7 months old and he is at training camp for 30 days. Been gone for 12 days. Life is not the same without him.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Found this cool tree today near Olympic national park
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    Brew Out Front or Out Back?

    I brew outside my garage which is on the side of my house facing west. Mostly for the view but also have hot and cold water in the garage makes for easy clean up
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    Did I screw up bottling day?

    Keep those last ones seperated from the others and consider it an experiment to see what/if there is any difference
  5. Dixon9717

    Brewing outside... and bugs

    Sounds like you have you cooling process down so in my opinion your ok brewing outside. I'm in the Pac NW so don't have the humidity you do or the bugs. I just have mosquitoes, flys and moths after dark.
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    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    I was going to smoke some meat this weekend but my bong broke so now I have to grill it.
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    Brewing outside... and bugs

    I prefer to brew outside. So much more relaxing and a pretty goid view. Anything landing in your pot breboil isnt an issue. Ive never had much issue post boil either.
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    New post a picture of your pint

    From my front porch with a Mosaic grapefruit bomb
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    Random Picture Thread

    Its a bottle of tequila. Not sure what'll happen when its empty 😝😝😝
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    Random Picture Thread

    First thing that comes to mind.
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    Concrete slab Kegerator

    Looks great...
  12. Dixon9717

    Bottled my first brew yesterday

    Congrats on your first newborn.