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    Settle An Argument?

    My thoughts exactly. Thanks! And they are whole hops.
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    Settle An Argument?

    So I was brewing the other day and a friend of mine, witnessing me putting hop bags in the bk, put forth the idea that it would be far more efficient and produce a better final result if the hop bags were submerged to the middle of the kettle. I disagree. Keep in mind I'm constantly pushing them...
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    Carbonating in Bottles

    Hey all, so for all my brews I carbonate in the bottle and they've turned out great, besides the last one, ended up a bit over-carbonated, but anyways now I have a bit of a quandary. I have an oktoberfest lagering and a barleywine aging. These are both in secondaries now and I'm just wondering...
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    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer (Natural) Hazelnut Brown Ale

    sounds awesome, had an idea myself for nuts. Hazelnut Porter with a sweet finish. You think dry hopping with a couple pounds of fresh hazelnuts will give the right flavor without killing head retention?
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    Anything else?

    So this is my first mead I've ever brewed, strictly beer before, and I'm wondering if there is anything left to take into account before bottling. It's done fermenting and is just sitting in a glass carboy for a couple months.
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    Whats the biggest bonehead mistake you've made while brewing?

    mmm so many, most recent though, was brewing an oktoberfest and the target og was 1.051. After draining into my BK I got a gravity reading well below that so I decided to add a little dme to even things out. Oh and by a little, I mean 2 pounds. Ended up with 1.071 after the boil, lol.
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    How much is invested/How much per month?

    Somebody made a good point. You can spend as much or as little as you want. There are a lot of ways to cut corners as far as spending goes. Go DIY instead of buying retail ie. mash tuns, brew stands, fermentation chambers, etc. You can also buy bulk grain and reuse yeast, saving a considerable...
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    Nice, thank you so much, this site is perfect!
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    So I've decided to build my own mash tun, only problem is the only parts at the local hardware store were either galvanized or made of brass. I'm not 100% sure, but I was thinking these might be no good. What are the negative consequences of using these materials?
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    brew day from hell

    "First AG weighing my own grain, I assumed I could use a bathroom scale and just subtract the weight of the bucket. The theory makes sense, but it didn't work out in reality." I don't get it, why wouldn't this work?
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    Deep Freezer for Temp Control

    Contemplating buying a deep/chest freezer to house my fermentation vessels. Figured it's time I paid more attention to fermentation temperatures. My only concerns before I drop the money is: is this a suitable method? I read somewhere that since a freezer is meant to maintain very cold temps...
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    Secondary question

    First time making mead so I had a question. How long should it sit on fruit (plums)? I just racked it into a 6 gallon glass carboy and want to get a good amount of flavor from it. Thanks
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    Way too much head.

    ^this. Had a friend with similar problem. Turns out, his line was way too short.
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    It's is good for you.

    Heard the same thing. Honestly, having a few beers the night after the gym isn't going to hurt. You are still building muscle and the amount that it decreases your gains is negligible. I've even read a study that said that beer is the best post workout drink because it hydrates you better than...
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    Milk Stout slowed fermentation

    I had a milk stout fermenting (forgot to get OG) nicely for a few days and then all of the sudden, no more bubbles. Should I wait a week and take a reading or add some nutrient?