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    missed OG by 15 points!

    DME to the rescue. You'll probably need a couple of pounds in 2-4 cups of water. (You can probably look up the real numbers online somewhere)
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    Bottled a wee heavy yesterday and almost fainted

    And now people are talking about pumping tons of CO2 into underground storage tanks containing millions of tons of CO2. I do not see this ending well....
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    Wild Parsnip Beer?

    My gf is in the process of making some really nice parsnip wine. We tasted a bit a while back, tasted very very good, like a slightly woody/carroty white wine. She got a recipe from the book "Making Wild Wines and Meads", which has a lot of wild stuff in it.
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    Cancer-Free Hose Fittings

    BTW, MTBE ALSO causes cancer as determined by the state of California. MTBE is also REQUIRED to be added to gasoline by.... the state of California..... Now they're going to legalize pot, seems like it's good they're finally going to be honest about what their elected officials and civil...
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    What's the weirdest ingredient?

    I'm going with she didn't. Reading the article there's no mention of HOW the beer turned out, so I'm going to go with terrible. There's a reason why this is under "Drunk of the Week", she's had a few.
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    Interesting Article on Wort Aeration

    I do a bit of that. I used to do a pretty long drop from the keggle into the fermenter, but now with my tiny valve, it seems to get a lot of foam just during the transfer, which is normal most transfers get about 50-60% saturation IIRC.
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    Interesting Article on Wort Aeration

    I wonder what the difference is between the rocking method and my approach, which is to use a paint stirrer attached to a drill.
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    Samuel Smith. What CAN'T they do?

    They USED to ship beer in clear bottles. This has changed in the past year or so.
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    Is that Black Stuff Harmful?

    There is no effect from Copper Oxide, however the verdigris (green oxide) is poisonous.
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    beer and weight

    According to scientists, MODERATE consumption of alcohol does NOT effect your weight, and people with the best BMI (Bull**** Mass Index) often drink in moderation. Also your body does not break down alcohol into simple sugars...
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    Samuel Smith. What CAN'T they do?

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Samuel Smith's Oatmeal stout. For those who haven't had one in a while, I think you should try it again. They used to be served in clear bottles, which skunked the beer, but have recently switch (1 year ago or so) to brown bottles. World of difference. Now if I could only...
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    Repairing an Autpsiphon, can it be done?

    Attach the flap to a long pole (I used my racking wand) using something semi-sticky, like scotch tape (I used poster tac). Put the flap back into the autospihon using the long pole, and push it into place. (The pole needs to be longer than the autosiphon for this reason), and then pull the...
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    Some things just make me laugh

    Actually I thought Zima was interesting.... sorta an alcoholic 7up. For some reason it seems to draw a lot of knee-jerk negative attention, which is unfortunate, and doubly so on a homebrew forum where people should be open to new stuff.
  14. DilvishTheDamned

    Plumber's tape safe at boiling temps?

    I don't know the official answer, but I've gotta wonder. What else would you expect the plumber to use in on your water lines?
  15. DilvishTheDamned

    All Grain Pilot Home Brewing

    Well in my case I've got 4 burners on my stove, and only two turkey frier type burners. So it seems I can a least double the amount produced for the same amount of effort. I also have a nice set of lights in the kitchen, it's harder to brew in my yard after dark. Then there's the difference...