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    Hot Water Urns

    I actually went the other way, started with a turkey fryer and went electric because having to deal with propane tanks and an actual flame is much more costly and difficult to control respectively.
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    Hot Water Urns

    After more research, you're better off getting a portable 1500watt immersion heater for 7-8 bucks shipped on ebay. That's the route i am going to take... what good is an urn if i have to 1. replace spigot 2. replace element... i mean outside the container itself those are the only two things...
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    Hot Water Urns

    Funny you ask this, i'm actually debating myself of going this route as i prepare myself for a all automated electric setup. Now i've used these urns quite a bit with work and let me tell you... it's not the quickest as most use a heating element lower than those available in home depot...
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    FHBS - Black Hops Sale 2012!

    went crazy with putting 1's on all the hops i wanted and ended up with nearly 4lbs lol... (CHO_-29744) thanks for the awesome deal! EDIT: Also, for not having those BS 3-day only type sales...
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    Less than 5 gallons in my carboy, Can I add water?

    Add sterile water pre-fermentation, don't add post-fermentation. The water is not saturated in bitterness profile or fermentables although you would've gotten a better efficiency if you sparged with more water (assuming this was all grain). But adding water before fermentation is fine, it...
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    How many batches before you bought a wort chiller?

    0 20 bucks to save you 3hrs of time is pretty much giving you back your money in time the same batch.
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    anyone tried this? sanke keg fermenter idea

    I honestly don't understand the big fascination with stainless fermenters and clamps on this board... maybe it has to do with everyone calling their garage setups a "brewery" despite being non-commercial.
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    Separate gear for sour beer?

    Sorry to bump a past thread, but my question is relevant and i didn't want to make a new thread. So for sours, it takes nearly 6 months to start tasting "sour" and "tart" flavors, but with regular non-sour beers we generally brew in primary and secondary for 1-3 months. So even in the case of...
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    Easy Way to Make Sour Beers (1 gal wort + dregs)

    Few question guys as i am new to lambics, The addition of hops is not required correct? But rather it would add complexity/taste. For a five gallon batch (I dont see myself going back to mini 1 gallon brews) how many dregs (cake on the bottom of the bottle?) would i need? Starter required? Thanks
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    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    looks fine to me, not may things can survive in a alcoholic, acidic and anaerobic environment. With that said i would bottle a few and keg it just to keep it in the fridge where not much grows due to the temp.
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    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    Brewing my second batch as we speak :)
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    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    will try to, i generally brew drunk... really drunk
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    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    kegging on Monday! i already know this is going to be amazing based off of a sample taste earlier this week which is why i'm going to brew it again and throw it on top of the yeast cake.
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    Aluminum SCUBA tank Conical?

    All of that comes ready in those old fire extinguishers... you just clean, add beer and pressurize through a side valve.
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    Historical beer find

    Are we aging this beer in the fridge too now? lol... kidding aside i'm patiently awaiting the review!