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    Typical Homebrew off flavor

    This phenomenon you speak of is called flavor...something alot of commercial beers lack. Sent from my iPod touch using Home Brew
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    Gelatin. What's the best way to use it?

    Best way to use it...? I say don't Sent from my iPod touch using Home Brew
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    Perhaps Talking to Your Fermenting Beer Will Make it Better

    I play some Metallica during dry hopping for a more in your face hop punch.
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    Cuisine at Home magazine says ales aren't technically beer

    Issue 101 Sept/Oct 2013, Q&A, page 7. Someone asks how beer is categorized...and part of the answer is I emailed them asking to explain to me in detail how ales aren't technically beer. I have not heard a response. Can someone please confirm my sanity or lack thereof? :drunk:
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    Sulfur Sulfur and more Sulfur...

    Double it.... oh and maybe rise the temp a bit to 37ish
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    diacetyl rest: before or after moving to secondary?

    I don't do D-rests. I ferment at 48-50 for at least a month...if the yeast isn't finished cleaning up by then, then oh well.
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    Sulfur Sulfur and more Sulfur...

    I think the only way to get rid of sulfur is time. How long are you lagering for? I once made an oatmeal stout with a lager yeast, I think it was wyeast munich lager, but after 1 month of lagering it had a sulfury burnt match aroma and taste to it and was in my opinion not drinkable. So I let...
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    Most annoying response when you tell someone you're a homebrewer?

    A few years ago I told a neighbor I brew my own beer. He cringed and asked if I brewed it in my bathtub...I wanted to punch him in the throat. He is no longer my neighbor and was a douchebag anyway.
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    Ales: No 2ndary moment of zen

    I know there has been debate on whether 2ndary fermentation is needed for ales in most cases. I've never really got into the debate because my method was working for me. Well, I have had a moment of enlightenment. Normally my ale fermentation schedule is as follows: 3 weeks minimum in...
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    Did I miss the Oktoberfest boat?

    I'm brewing an o'fest this weekend. I got a late start this year. I like to have my o'fests ready by the time college football starts so I'm going to fast track it. 3 weeks at 50 then a 3 week power lager at near freezing. That'll put me in mid September
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    Looking for a good first lager to brew!

    Can't go wrong with a nice crisp pilsner!
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    Beersmith Mobile iPhone/iPad

    I'm seriously considering buying this app for my android. I have beersmith 2 on my laptop and love it. I can easily bring my laptop outside when I is the phone app worth it? Can I sync my recipes from my laptop to my phone and vice versa?
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    12 Beers of Christmas 2012!

    Christmas Gruit Aroma: Spices, faint alcohol, herbal. Appearance: Nice amber color, good clarity. Thin head, faded quickly...similar to a champagne pour. Flavor: I'm getting hints of cinnamon, juniper, and herbs. Body: Medium, great carbonation. Overall: This is a very...
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    12 Beers of Christmas 2012!

    Arrived in perfect condition!
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    12 Beers of Christmas 2012!

    Abbey Weizen Bottle: Clean, good fill Aroma: Grainy, yeasty, bread crust. Bready, I can't get over it! Fantastic bready aroma. Smells like liquid nourishment. Appearance: Straw color, good clarity with a slight Haze. 3/4 inch head, faded slowly. About a 1/8" head throughout the...