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    The whole nine yards

    SOLD THANKS EVERYONE Stimulate the economy. Selling all my beer brewing equipment. Everything you need to make award winning all grain or extract brews.( won first and second place at the Orange County Fair with this equipment). Good condition. 2- corny kegs 1- dual gauge regulator 1-...
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    Any scuba divers here? Maui advice needed

    Molokini back wall is kinda cool if you have never done that. Black rock is also neat palce for a shore dive, but you can just as easily free dive there. We have always used Maui dive complaints, but O'dark thirty is going to be what to expect from most places. Check out...
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    Weizen Yeast

    I have only tried the WLP 380. It was ok. Most people say use the 300. That is going to be my next choice. - Dirk
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    2nd runnings

    .......patience is a virtue grasshopper
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    Homemade Stir Plate - Lessons Learned & Tips

    What works best, spinning the bar faster or slower? Thanks - Dirk
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    other than beer fave' alcoholic beverage.

    I like it all !! My bar has Bombay Saphire for gibsons (I like a little more vermouth then most). Johnny Walker Black label, neat. Kettle one in the freezer for shots. Old fashions and Manhattans. Margaritas made with a splash of grapefruit soda. Red wine and Champagne cocktails. Call me...
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    Firestone Union Jack

    I have only tried the double barrel ale. Pretty tasty too if you haven't had it. -Dirk
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    wort chiller water flow rate

    What do you do with the tap water temp information? Thanks - Dirk
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    Honey Blonde Ale Recipe (AG)

    I like a bit of honey malt in my honey blonde. I used half a pound. - Dirk
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    Beer Keg Natural Priming Issue

    Did you chill the keg before you pulled some beer? If not maybe that's the problem. - Dirk
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    Pacificos in Mexico?

    Before I started brewing again, Pacificos were my beer of choice. Not really anything special about them, but I love them just the same. We still get a case at Costco for BBQ or SWMBO likes them with a plate of nachos. - Dirk