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    Game of Thrones Smoked Beer

    What makes it GoT inspired? Just the waiting?
  2. Derek1985

    History of decoction mashing is... ...wrong?

    I would post some sources if you take Austin up on his offer.
  3. Derek1985

    Anyone else annoyed with newer breweries using cans?

    It's next to the icon of the left hand screwdriver and the zero ****s I give about dumb posts about beer cans.
  4. Derek1985

    Anyone else annoyed with newer breweries using cans?

    Posts like this are why I may migrate to the AHA forum permanently.
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    How long do you age Your Belgian Beers?

    That's really long. 1-2 weeks primary. 2-3 weeks secondary. Maybe 2 months to bottle age. Save some for longer if you like but enjoy them!
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    What do you use?

    I have an NPT 3" dial thermometer mounted to the lid of my MLT. It has the swivel joint. 12.99 on Amazon.
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    Is My Aeration Technique Okay?

    I think this is ultimately what I was trying to get at but could not get across in an intelligent manner. I have always been under the assumption that a proper starter and pitch of the right size coupled with saturation (8 ppm) was adequate to make excellent beer.
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    Current software recommendations for Mac / web

    Personally, I really enjoyed making my own spreadsheet. I learned basically everything I know with the combination of writing the sheet and doing test mashes when I started out. For ease of use and no homework, you can't go wrong with an established software. Problems do arise though when...
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    Is My Aeration Technique Okay?

    To each their own. I make my beer for myself and my personal consumption. If it were a matter of scoring better at competitions I could see the point. As it stands I do what works for me. I will say this: if I had a more sophisticated system and did larger batches I could definitely see the...
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    Ward Labs Report...Now what should I do to my water?

    I'm no expert and I'm sure Brun or AJ will definitely chime in but the water looks soft and would probably only require some minor additions for flavor considerations.
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    What do you use?

    Just use a thermometer. Your trying to pick a lock with a jackhammer.
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    Measuring gravity with a smaller sample

    I normally account for post fermentation readings in my 1 gal batches by adding 1 cup worth of extra water.
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    Is My Aeration Technique Okay?

    :off: Try the recipe section.
  14. Derek1985

    Frankenbeer 1gal recipes! Try this out. It's my spreadsheet. Just enter your desired size in the scaling portion and enter your grains from the drop downs. This is my personal spreadsheet so it is still in development...
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    Is My Aeration Technique Okay?

    I agree. The measurable does not necessarilly correlate to the perceptible. To answer the question respectfully posed to me prior: No, I have not personally done a split batch brew using both methods but have had the chance to taste one that was and ultimately they both tasted great. It...