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I'm a long time beer drinker but only recently have I been extracted from the world of cheap commercial beer. I first started sampling different styles and brands of beer from around the world. Did this for a year or so. I discovered some wonderful things (and some pretty nasty things too, i.e. I don't like IPA). In 2008 I started brewing my own. I have decided there is no better beer than homebrewed/crafted whatever you call it. So much more flavor. Commercial beer is like ta asteless appetizer while homebrew is a delicious 7-course meal. I'm sticking with extract/grain recipes for now and don't feel compelled yet to do more than that.
Houston, Texas


Let me eat when I'm hungry, let me drink when I'm dry
Two dollars when I'm hard up, religion when I die
The whole world is a bottle, and life is but a dram
When the bottle gets empty, Lord, it sure ain't worth a damn