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    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    StrangeBrew Elsinore re-wrtie
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    Preferred software for brewers

    Someone use Beer Engine from Graham Wheeler
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    Sight glass for hop additions with tc clamps

    A search with Dry hop sight glass and you have : Sight glass on Spike Flex Spike Conical- observations and best practices Another sanke fermenter gadget: floating dip tube and hop dropper No oxygen dry hopping Just ordered Spike Flex+ Hop Dropper for SSB Unitank Hop...
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    Stout Tanks and kettles Brewing system

    May be you can look there: SK Škrlj d.o.o. Batuje 90 · SI-5262 Črniče · Slovenia Tel.: 00386 5 364 35 00 Fax: 00386 5 364 35 25 e-mail: [email protected]
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    Hose Storage?

    IKEA have some hooks and holders in SS too. And see files includes. Archon see page 11. ACE page 23.
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    Beer Flight Paddle ideas

    May be this site can help.
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    PWM on Raspberry Pi

    I am building my electric control panel and i want to know if someone use pi-blaster with RPI for PWM and if yes, that's a good to control electric element and pump. Thank.
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    Raspberry Pi Control Box

    May be look to those or BernhardSchlegel/BierBot
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    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    French translation, extract the attached file and put in Strangebrew Elsinore Server/src/main/java/com/SB/elsinore/nls
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    Ozone water to sanitize

    Hi, Some commercial brewery and winery use this process to sanitize theirs equipments with success in USA and Canada. Some manufacturers : O3Canada, Clear water tech, Del Ozone, McClain Ozone, Ozone Solutions, Ozonetech. If this system are interesting to save money for commercial brewery...
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    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    Good morning LBussy, Yes, not need sudo nano. Java7-sdk is obsolete. the command change for sudo apt-get install default-jdk that will install the last version of OpenJDK java version 11, found this there Install Java for the Raspberry Pi Thank again.
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    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    Yes, i did.
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    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    I am in the process to install Strangebrew and this command don't work; apt-get install git-core oracle-java7-jdk lshw sudo nano Someone have the correct command? Thank in advance.
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    Fermentation historic

    Someone here use BreweryPi [“Brewery Pi”] and have some commentary about. Thank.
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    S0... IT....Happened to me...

    Hi Augiedoggy, Do you have a wiring diagramm of your flow switch to your rim. I ordered one of this switch for my futur 2 x 5500W Biab. Thank in advance.