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    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Mmmm... recipies....! Imperial IPA - All-Grain Recipe Kit
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    Added to many hops to the boil

    Too many hops. You're funny.
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    First brew complete

    That's been the hardest part about going to a conical from glass primary - I can't watch the fermentation. Definitely a hobby that requires some patience...
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    New post a picture of your pint

    My regular go-to homebrew IPA. The recipe that I started with, vowing to keep doing it over and over until I could do two in a row the same. Yum.
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    Yeast Allergy

    Just started searching for info on yeast allergy. SHMBO decided to (finally) try my homebrew and LIKED IT! Problem is that she has developed an allergy to beer and wine for a few years now. Soooo, noting that she has no problem with distilled spirits, my hypothesis is a yeast allergy. I'm no...
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    Craft The Perfect Draft - Brewing Water Part 1

    Interesting. We have a well with super hard water. Calcium, sulfur, iron, the works. I've always wondered what would happen if I used it to brew a batch with the raw unsoftened 112 grain hard water; to see if there's any magic in it.
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    Steel gas pipe as "pole" for hops?

    Steel fence parts have some advantages, for sure. But there's a guy advertising on Craigs list locally that sells 22ft larch poles for $35. Why not go with the real thing at that price? Assuming you live near a resource. I was surprised at the cost - I'm going to buy a set.
  8. Control Panel

    Control Panel

    Control Panel. Controls water fill, temperature, two pumps, timer, alarm, selectable elements. 30A.
  9. Brewery Build

    Brewery Build

    Basement brewery build pictures.
  10. Decoy

    Steel gas pipe as "pole" for hops?

    I don't know ... at 16 ga. that's thicker than the fence top rail at Home Depot/Lowes that people claim success with - Might work. EDIT - Lowes has a 12 ga. thickness one.
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    RIMS vs HERMS - Electric-specific comparison

    Another thing is that the Auber PID gives you another parameter of control that can help limit potential RIMS scorching. That is the output high limit. I noodled with that for a while - trying fairly low numbers like 18%. But then when you go to boil, I have reset that because I use a single PID...
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    RIMS vs HERMS - Electric-specific comparison

    Kal is correct. That's what was happening to me. Flow would get to slow - or even stop - and pfft. One time the steam bubble created enough pressure to pop the silicone tube off the cam fitting and sprayed hot wort all over the ... well, you get the idea. I want to keep in simple - I don't...
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    RIMS vs HERMS - Electric-specific comparison

    Wel... I've changed my mind completely on this. Two scorched worts in a row. Grrr. So, I made a low budget adaptation to HERMS with a couple 5gal plastic buckets that were laying around, some 1/2 cpvc pipe and a cheap tan recirc pump. I still used the RIMS tube as the heating element, but moved...
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    Spike Brewing 20 Gallon Sight Glass Kettle Giveaway!

    In for Twenty!
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    5-1/2 foot DIY Hood for approx. $75

    I used a table saw. It made a clean cut that didn't need any sanding. Got a little itchy - I did get the feeling I liberated a lot of glass particles into the air, though ... wear a mask. Sent from my iPad using Home Brew