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    Ballast points sculpin IPA

    I am going to be trying this brew out in two weeks. This is going to be my first IPA and the first time I have dry hopped. My question is, what does rouse mean in dry hopping?
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    Free or Cheap Software

    Hey guys, I am still new to brewing, I have only done 2 batches but would like to keep better notes. I am currently doing partial mashes and would like to know what the best free or cheap software is. I can't really put lots of money into this yet so i looking to do something less than $25.00. I...
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    Need Help with a Label/ Logo

    I have 0 skills with computer graphics but I would like to see if some one can help with a logo/ label idea. PM me and I will give you my thoughts. :tank:
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    Boil off issues! Help!

    I am new to this hobby and have had great fun with it. I did a brew a couple weeks ago and my target batch size was 5.5 gallons. I ended up getting about 4.5 gallons. How do I calculate boil off and how do adjust for it? do i just add more water to the boil? Also I have seen a lot of talk of...
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    Too Bitter! HELP!

    I just tried to do a Fat Tire Clone. It just tested the taste of it after a week and a half fermenting. I did it when I was taking a gravity check. It tasted really bitter. Is there any way that i can mellow it out? will it mellow out if i leave it in the fermenter longer. Tomorrow will be 2...
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    No head on my beer? techniques to improve?

    I had the same problem. I did a Red Oak clone that was a partial mash. The beer is supposed to have a nice creamy head. I bottled them let them sit for 2 weeks in the bottle and when i pour it there is almost no head, just a little bit around the glass. I was disappointed in this. It may have...
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    Aquarium heater to maintain temp

    I have been thinking of doing the same thing. A co-worker sold me an aquarium heater to use. I haven't done it yet but i wouldn't expect the power bill to sky rocket. people use these everyday on their own fish aquarium and I have never heard someone complain about the power bill. Keeping their...