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  1. dbsmith

    Buttery off flavor / diacetyl.. Troubleshooting

    How long did you let it ferment before bottling? I looked at a diacetyl curve graph several years ago, and if I remember correctly, I saw a good dip occurred after 12 days or so at typical ale temperatures. For this reason, I always ferment for at least 2 weeks before bottling.
  2. dbsmith

    Help Please

    I think you will be fine. If you are ever worried about it, you can just store the beer inside of a cardboard box or a thick bag while it carbonates
  3. dbsmith

    Help Please

    Depends.. how much priming sugar did you use and for how much cider?
  4. dbsmith

    Pro Yeast "Database"

    It was not registered in Europe--it was brought here and the brewery registered it in the US. I don't remember the details of why it was difficult to bring it over, but he had to take it in his luggage. You can listen if interested. Pretty fascinating podcast episodes...
  5. dbsmith

    Pro Yeast "Database"

    While researching the Chuckanut brewery in Bellingham, WA, I listened to a few podcasts with the owner William Kemper and found that while their Pils uses 34/70, their Kolsch uses a special yeast that they had extreme difficulty getting out of Europe. It is proprietary, and they have it...
  6. dbsmith

    Wort left on counter for 4 days, risk?

    If you have more yeast, you could reboil it and re-pitch
  7. dbsmith

    When to step up from Extract to All Grain?

    Don't forget, you also need to mine ore and forge your own pots and tools!
  8. dbsmith

    Question: Is it possible to know mineral content of brewing water from a finished beer.

    I'm curious to know if it is possible to perform an analysis on a beer sample and use this data to estimate mineral content of the brewing water (either because it is unchanged or from using a formula). I'm mostly interested in gypsum specifically, but am just curious if this is viable.
  9. dbsmith

    No carbonation at all after over two weeks

    hmm after two weeks, carbonation should be closer to done than not started. Does it taste like your beer is a bit sugary sweet (as in, the priming sugar was not eaten by the yeast)? Possibilities I can think of: - You forgot to add the sugar this time - Your chamber is in a cold environment...
  10. dbsmith

    Heart surgery beer

    Best of luck! If it were me, I'd probably be brewing up a nice spinach/carrot/beet smoothie :)
  11. dbsmith

    When to step up from Extract to All Grain?

    I say go for it. I did maybe 3 extract brews, 2 partial mash brews, and then went all grain. The most important thing to do is just go thru what needs to be done with all grain, and make sure you know how you will do it (what pots you will use, how you will transfer wort, how you will maintain...
  12. dbsmith

    Tips you would like to have known when you first started brewing?

    For me: keeping fermentation temperatures below 70F will help make it taste so much better.
  13. dbsmith

    Recommendations for water lab analysis

    Wondering if anyone has any good lab mail-in analysis recommendations for testing my water. I'm aware I can look at water reports, but I'd like to get the test done
  14. dbsmith

    Direction on Milk Stout Fail

    That is assuming he did the mash correctly or even at all. I never assume anything in the beginner's brew forum