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    Not enough Bottles.

    I agree with Gear. Buy a case of beer, drink it. It cost a little more than empty bottles, but for the difference in price, (since you are reusing) your cost differential will be negated. It will be the cheapest beer you drink. Revvy had it spot on, as I have seen usually..At best you will...
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    yeast reccomendation

    It would work fine, and if you want to experiment, by all means I think you should. A Dry yeast would work fine, or a liquid. If you use liquid you are far behind in cultures than you are with dry packs, so I would highly recommend a starter. EDIT: I agree with the above poster though, with...
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    Home Depot Kingsford Sale 2 13lb bags $5.88

    Lowes and Home Depot Always! They seem to run these specials ocassionally with the two packs. Best prices I ever manage to find.
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    yeast reccomendation

    "Most" of the difference is in variety available. If I am brewing a high gravity Belgian Style, I am going to want to use a Belgian style yeast, can't really find a decent one in dry. I also make starters and wash some of my yeast, though lately I have been splitting vials, so I have a 1st...
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    How to reach 10 percent ABV?

    yeah I generally wouldn't have candi syrup accounting for more than 15-20 percent of my gristbill. I have had a lot of beers over 10, most I have brewed this year. Take the advice above and read up a bit more on brewing. You have multiple factors affecting this from temperatures, to...
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    Spider Mites?

    Spidermites do have webs, they are very fine, and many times look like a cross between a silkworm web and a spider's weavings, kind of like the fluff in a cottonwood. Generally, The only time they would appear mostly white is when they are babies, appearing almost transluscent. Usually they...
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    StarSan vs Iodophor

    Starsan is more effective at removing mineral deposits, due to the phosphoric acid content. I use it in my drip irrigation pipes (phosphoric acid) for that very purpose. As such it is great for use with beer and dairy products, although the FDA doesn't look on it incredibly favorably for all...
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    Is Guinness the most overrated beer...ever?

    ND = Schaeffers beer You know after perusing this more heavily I am surprised at the Guinness detractors. If I am at a bar, and they have all IPA's I am thankful for a Guinness. Once again, not my favorite, but a good staple to the style. Hell, I love Weatherby, but its hard to argue...
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    Hop leaves getting very full of holes

    Hey, well apply and let us know how it serves you!
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    Hop leaves getting very full of holes

    If you use the tobacco, I would use about 1 cup of tobacco per 1 gallon of water, let it steep in the water for 24 hours, and it should have a light dark shade about like a tea. If it is too dark, dilute it down a bit more. TMV used to be a concern but hasn't been for quite a while. If...
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    First high gravity

    Technically there are things that happen in a secondary that don't in a primary. They will contribute to flavors, whether those are preferred or not remains to be seen by the consumer. There are less yeast and less trub, there will be some difference. If you don't think so try what I did and...
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    Hop leaves getting very full of holes

    Most people confuse the idea of TMZ which came about the tobacco mosaic virus, and could infect tomatoes, later studies showed no presence in natural tobacco, but only in butts and not even in cigars. Nicotine Sulfate is very dangerous, but not the same as what you get in nicotine tea. Also...
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    Hop leaves getting very full of holes

    I apologize, I get too bent up over work things and come across too negative on here. It's just you don't need sleeves for safety. For aesthetics, sure. Keep from stains and smell, but safety...no. If you have terrible infestations I am all in favor of nuking...but in general little...
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    Is Guinness the most overrated beer...ever?

    I suppose that depends on who is doing the rating, how they rate it, and whom is doing the judging of the rating. :P I like it from time to time, certainly not my favorite, but the beer itself has evolved and changed a lot over the years, and according to where it's sold due to laws...