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    Took the plunge and ordered a ss brewtech glycol chiller and it arrived today

    How loud is the unit? Is it something I can keep in the house or should I look at trying to put it in the garage?
  2. Daybis

    What do you use to clean your glassware

    I also toss mine in the dishwasher without any problems.
  3. Daybis

    Growing hops in Mississippi.

    Sounds awesome!
  4. Daybis

    Ss Brewing Technology

    I have been very happy with their brew buckets. I ordered a third one last week with temp control. Very pleased with the quality and their customer support has been great. I'd also like to see silicone grips for the handles.
  5. Daybis

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewing up a 12 gallon batch of vienna lager. Going to try a quick lager temperature schedule.
  6. Daybis

    Growing hops in Mississippi.

    Hops are looking great this year!
  7. Daybis

    Fermentation Fridge Wires?

    I drilled holes on my old fridge, but nicking something important was a concern. On my current chamber, I just close the doors on the wires and I haven't had any problems.
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    Started brewing earlier in the day.... It was great!

    I live in Mississippi and brewing during the summer can be absolutely brutal. There have been years where I brew a ton in the spring to build a stockpile so I don't have to brew at all during the summer. To beat the heat in the warm months, I try to start my brewing around 6:00 am. I love it...
  9. Daybis

    Mississippi Roll Call

    Looks like Walthall is still a dry county.
  10. Daybis

    Home Brew supply store in Tupelo

    Mark, the store looks great! I'm going to try plan a special trip up there in the very near future!
  11. Daybis

    Home Brew supply store in Tupelo

    Mark, glad see you are making some progress!
  12. Daybis

    Mississippi Roll Call

    Glad to see another MS brewer. If I'm ever down that way, I'll have to drop off some bottles.
  13. Daybis

    bottle bomb?

    Could just be a bad bottle. I would put on in the fridge and see how it's coming along in terms of carbonation and flavor. If the carbonation and flavor is coming along nicely, then it was probably a bad bottle.
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    my first beer going into secondary

    Bottle as normal. You will have more than enough yeast for carbing up your bottles.
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    Home Brew supply store in Tupelo

    Mark, I am terribly sorry to hear about your mother's home. You and your family are in my thoughts.