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    HELP! Freon Recharge...

    OK guys and gals, I hope this is in the correct section, but here goes.... I've got a true TDD-3 that needs a freon recharge. Well, the thing was purchased for $70 or so and worked for many years without a problem, other than being loud as heck when the compressor kicks on. That said, it finally...
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    15 Gallon Fermenter Table Build

    darn you people and your inspiring me to spend more money.... Very cool though. Is there a general consensus on which opening to get, Full drain vs the inductor tank with bulkhead fitting? I'd imagine the full drain is nice because you don't have edges for gunk to collect.
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    Haven't done this in a while... Grab bag 1 gallon batches

    Howdy everyone, I haven't been too active on HBT for a while and thought I better change that quick! I've been brewing beer still but haven't made any wine in YEARS. And even then I never really got everything to turn out like I wanted... that aside, it's time for round two and I'm in the mood...
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    Keggle and othe keg related projects.

    Sorry guys, I thought I had put up a message the other night. I just created a flickr account so hopefully my attempts to load this works (I'm sure it won't so feel free to tell me what the heck I'm doing!) Here is the set of pictures though, on Flicker. I don't think you need an account to...
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    Custom tap tower

    I'd just like to tell you that you've now been put on the list of people I have to either befriend, kill, or both.... honesty, that is freaking sweet. Not to be tacky, but would you mind telling (PM if you're more comfortable) me a ball park of what that cost? I've been thinking how to set mine...
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    Keggle and othe keg related projects.

    Ok guys, I'm kind of a DIY noob so don't be too harsh on me :o I recently acquired a number of old 1/2 barrels.... 7 of them actually. They aren't sanke and in fact I'm not sure what they are. They seem to have date codes of 49-52 on them. They are definitely stainless. They only have one...
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    My DIY brew stand

    That's great! Those shelves are rated up to a decent poundage, I've got a few I use to hold all my beer as it's fermenting. I always have to make sure if it's been moved at all that I whack the support arms down a bit. I've had them wiggle out a bit (it's never actually fallen apart though)
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    jokes on me.... I came down this morning to puke all over the place :-(
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    This stuff is GREAT. No matter what I make, I always throw a batch of this together and it is always one of the most popular. My roommate discovered it finally and is now about four 20 oz glasses in.... I warned him. I warned him about the 9% and about taking some aspirin and water... he he he...
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    Horrible problem! Too many kegs?

    oh boy.... well I'm not sure what the heck I bought (but of course I bought them anyways). 7 kegs, with a name Kegseal on the top as well as "The Lee Steel Cooperage Co, Detroit" along with The National Brewing Co, Detroit on the side. (I should recheck, pretty sure that was it). It looks like...
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    Horrible problem! Too many kegs?

    In case you couldn't tell, the titles a bit of a joke:D First off thanks to everyone who helped me with my last few threads, Oktoberfest turned out great and I've got a little bit extra that's tiding me over! Anyways, I stumbled (not literally) onto a large number of kegs.... seven 1/2 barrels...
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    to bottle or keg?

    Force carb one if possible (the one that is best young) and prime (or force carb I guess...) the others. Drink the one with a picnic while the others have time to get more delicious!
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    Horrible plastic taste from beer lines

    Success! Well, I put the new lines in after just a rinse and the difference was drastic. Everything tasted great and the only problem was when we put some of my kegs into my roommates kegerator his lines were maybe 2 feet. That created some problems but after letting a lot of carbonation out and...
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    Horrible plastic taste from beer lines

    well, I stopped in at another homebrew store and picked up some new 3/16ths line. I've attached one of them and am going to give it a look-see. Hopefully it's not as bad! I've got some brew that need serving on this wonderful opening day!
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    Horrible plastic taste from beer lines

    I got this from a local Homebrew shop.... I would like to think they are actual lines, but I wouldn't be surprised if they just ran out and ordered a bunch of stuff from a big supplier or something.