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  1. dasBuhbuh

    plastic taste in 2 of 3 meads

    i just found the little packet. 1/2 tsp yeast nutrient, 1/4 tsp yeast energizer.
  2. dasBuhbuh

    plastic taste in 2 of 3 meads

    In the kits, Northern Brewer gives you 4 packets of "Curt and Kathy's yeast nutrient blend" that I want to say is 3/4 oz + 1/2 oz for FermK and DAP but I have been searching for the stupid little packet i saved for my records and can't find it. i realize nutrient proportions are kind of...
  3. dasBuhbuh

    plastic taste in 2 of 3 meads

    well, why would "plastic" be a flavor prevalent in a green mead? the first one is going on....11 months of aging now? almost a year and it just seems to taste worse. i realize that when you brew, things change A LOT with time but this is...a bit over the top for something at like 11%.... i'd...
  4. dasBuhbuh

    plastic taste in 2 of 3 meads

    1) I made it them during the colder months and they were kept consistently in the mid 60s. 2) Its more like I'm chewing on the Ale Pail bucket - less like rubber/medicinal and more like the taste of the bucket. 3) Nothing in that apartment (brett is reserved for back home haha). 4) And yea...
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    plastic taste in 2 of 3 meads

    Rudesheimer, Narbonne, and Wyeast Sweet Mead respectively.
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    plastic taste in 2 of 3 meads

    so I have made 3 meads over the past year, all from Northern Brewer. the first was their artisinal semi-sweet. It tastes thin and plastic-y - nothing like commerical meads i have tried. the second was their raspberry melomel which is just fine. the third was their hydromel, but that tastes just...
  7. dasBuhbuh

    At what strength (% by vol) does a drink become flammable

    proof is a throwback to when they would proof by gunpowder. the higher the proof, the larger the flame, and the faster the gunpowder lit. i think that 80 proof is minimum to light. According to wikipedia (and most people that I have talked to about this), it is 100 proof, but I did see an...
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    Poor students currently brewing 2 batches... tell me where we've screwed up!

    It is for this reason we always perform a "happy yeast" dance to appease the little yeasties.
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    Beers judged to best have high ABV on beer advocate.

    I agree. Most of those sites, RB and BA specifically, consider high abv or rare beers to be far superior to any other brew. its really depressing. i mean, i used to write a beer column for a newspaper and when i suggested doing a "mix-a-six-less-than-6%" article, people flipped out because...
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    The most irritating question

    I recall a time when driving through Bumble****, I stopped in a bar for a late lunch. Iasked what beer they had on tap and they responded with "we ain't got none of that ******-beer, if that's what yur askin. All we got is Bud Light." THAT made me sad. I mean, nothing should ever be called...
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    Help! I Think I Ruin Mead's Only Chance

    i like how my girlfriend describes mead (at least the ones i have made/purchased) - "i keep expecting the tangy acidity of wine, but it never comes" which i think is her way of saying its wine but not and that confuses her tongue.
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    Just corked my first wine...

    So, for Mother's day, I figured I would get Mom in on the hobby. She tries everything I make and (like a supportive mother would) says it always tastes great. Well, I got her a wine kit (Norther Brewer's Pacific Quartet) and most of the basic supplies. We just got around to corking it finally...
  13. dasBuhbuh

    What do you do with bad batches?

    i drink all mistakes. you learn pretty quick that way. if they dont appear to improve with age, they still inevitably get ingested. right now, i have my first batch of mead that i mistakenly used philadelphia city water for (completely forgot about the ****ton of chloramine they add to make it...
  14. dasBuhbuh

    yeast starter

    well, smacking the wyeast thing proofs it. its not a starter but it does show viability at least. i believe the kit had 4 pouches of nutrient blend to stagger. im gonna let it do its thing now though.
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    yeast starter

    as always, revvy, your comments are welcome. thanks! i just wasnt sure if there was much difference since its a wine yeast. yeast is yeast - good enough for me.