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    Growler conditioning

    Can I use a growler for bottle conditioning. Not sure if the screw cap is air tight enough for the beer to carbonate. Thanks.
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    Flat beer

    I just brewed a 90 minute IPA clone. Everything seemed to work okay, and the OG was 1.093, FG was a pretty high ABV beer. I bottled it after adding some sugar about a week ago. Thought I would try an early taste today and there was zero carbination after I opened it. Should...
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    pilser lager malt okay for an ale?

    Thanks very much.
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    pilser lager malt okay for an ale?

    I am very new to brewing. I am planning to brew a clone of 90 min IPA, and have light DME and also crushed belgian pilsner malt as steeping grains (says "will mash up to 30% adjuncts" if that helps), and of course lots of hops. I assume the style of lager or ale is most dependant on the yeast...