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    Wyeast 1762 krausened twice.

    Any update on the fermentation? I am going to be picking up either 1762 or 3522 this weekend for a BSD, never used either of them before. Just curious how the yeast behaves and the best way to handle it. I plan on going with the general rule of thumb for Belgian yeasts, start low and let it rise...
  2. daryk77

    Recycling yeast cake - quick replies please!

    I wouldn't be worried about it, keep it sealed up and it should be fine.
  3. daryk77

    Trouble getting FG down to desired levels

    do you mill your own grain or does it come pre-milled? The crush can certainly effect your numbers.
  4. daryk77

    Kegging for storage but not serving (yet)

    Sounds like a good plan, you will need chill the beer to be able to carb/pour though. At room temp it will be coming out as foam.
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    First brewday "glitch".

    I would agree, even though a rolling boil is preferred as long as it is boiling it should be ok. let us know how it turns out.
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    "Real" Length of need to control temp?????

    From my experience it hasn't made a difference in my brews to let it rise for a bit after initial fermentation. I think at 75 degrees you are safe, wouldn't go too much hire then that. I pretty much brew exclusively like this after I moved and have loved all of the beers thus far. In the end...
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    Can you fix gushers?

    To the OP's credit it was 1 cup of honey not sugar. Though you are correct in being exact with regards to carbing. I am not sure of the amount of carbonation honey would give you but basically the only recourse from here would be to open the bottles to let some of the carb escape and...
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    Force carbing in a corny keg

    leave it for 24 hours with the gas hooked up and no shaking.
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    Am I out of CO2?

    yup, which is why you should weigh the tank to know how much you have left, not rely on the gauge. If there is less than a pound start thinking about getting a refill.
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    Am I out of CO2?

    The for sure way to know is to weigh the tank. There should be a TW stamp followed by number of lbs on the tank which is the tare weight (weight of the tank empty.) If the tank weighs more than this you have C02 left, if not you are empty.
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    Kegging Question

    I am in the same boat as you, just started drinking my first kegged batch last Saturday. Had been on gas for about a week before I got into it and it is already great. Can't wait to get another week on it. I've got to say that kegging is definitely where it is at. Just mad I waited so long to do...
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    Girly Beer

    Well it looks like there will be some competition
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    Cooler Mash tun Conversion Question QUICK!

    So my buddy and I are making our mash tun out of a 45 quart Rubbermaid rectangular cooler, since we could not find a 10 gallon cylinder cooler. We are following the instructions listed here and we have two questions, 1) does anyone know if the spigot is the same size on our rectangular cooler...
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    blonde ale

    yeah, give some more details about your brewing process, the beer should clear up some more over time. Not much you can do about the color at this point but I am sure it will taste fine.
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    Low Gravity at Racking to Secondary

    sound normal to me, 1.012 is perfect. Sounds like your yeast was happy, all signs point to good beer. If you had ended at 1.008 or something then that might be a little concerning, the beer might be a little dry without the extra unconverted sugar. The dry hopping won't really change anything...