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    Brew Clubs?

    I've been brewing for a year now and have made the jump to AG. I've heard of brew clubs but don't really know what goes on at meetings. Do they tend to be swap meets, people just hanging out enjoying brews swapping stories, do you brew together at meetings. Anyone in Chicago who has insight to...
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    New Pot Size

    Looking into new brew kettle to go from partial mash/partial boil to go to full boil all-grain. I found a 11 gallon for 85 or a 9 gal for 72. I have no plans of upgrading to batches larger than 5 gallons, but would like to do high gravity beers. So which one should i buy. If 9 gal is all ill...
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    First High Gravity aeration question

    Today I brewed my first high gravity beer. An imperial stout at 1.086. I pitched half the yeast cake from a previous Irish Red ale using Irish ale yeast. I aerated by pouring vigouresly between pot and bucket about 8 times. This was at noon. I read that sometimes you need to aerate again at 12...
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    Big beer on smaller beer cake?

    What kind of off flavors are prominent from over pitching and do you think Irish Ale yeast is highly susceptible to those off flavors
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    Big beer on smaller beer cake?

    I brewed an Irish Red OG 1.050 using Wyeast Irish Ale, that im racking to secondary in a few days. I have a stout planned with an OG of 1.085 that i wanted to use the same yeast. If i fermented on the yeast cake would that be too high of a yeast count? So should i just pour wort on cake or wash...
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    Empty Briess LME containers to Store Grain

    Im doing partial mashes right now and am using Briess LME containers to make up the difference. My question is can I use the empty washed screw on containers to store my extra specialty grains(uncrushed) and if so how long would the grain stay good
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    Forgot to sanitize Thief, should I worry?

    It's late and I plan on bottling tomorrow, took a gravity reading four days ago. On that day I sanitized the thief took sample, tasted awesome, not so much on smell but not horrid. I cleaned it after and put it back in the box I keep all my brewing supplies. Tonight when I took off the lid there...
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    FG off by 3 points twice

    yeah I used the tool in beersmith to account for temp adjustments. Both were fermented at 63-65 F
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    FG off by 3 points twice

    Brewed 2 beers with the same yeast, the second being on the first yeast cake. I used Wyeast 1010 american wheat. I checked my hydrometer, one time in tap water off by .002, then tonight it was at 1 in tap water. But both of me beers have finished at .003 higher than beersmith calculated the FG...
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    What's the worst craft brew (commercial) you've had?

    Mama Mia's Pizza Beer. It was so bad when I asked the bartender about it after seeing it he said it was on him if I could actually finished it. Tasted like Marinara watered down with a light beer. Yums
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    What should I brew next?

    The blond used the american wheat( it fits abv ibu and color so i thonk its still a blond) yeast off the kiwi so a simple american wheat would be cheaper, but the kolsch sounds nice. Can i use wyeast 1010 american wheat on kolsch or should i get a kolsch yeast. Also i was under the impression u...
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    What should I brew next?

    So far Ive brewed an Irish Red kit, a kiwi wheat ale, and a blond. My fermentor will be freed up at the end of february. At which point ill have two months to get from boil to bottle before i move. Dont want to move fermenter and risk oxidation. So should i go for two brews in two months or one...
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    Relatively cheap LME

    Is it a pain to measure out lme with it being so thick, i thoight about getting a 33lb container but thought the ease of not measuring lme worth tge extra few dollars
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    Chicago Newb Seeks Advice

    What part of chicago? I like Brew Camp. There right off the Damon brown line. Its a small shop but the guys are real friendly, have everything u need, and offer classes for $20
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    how much starsan in bottle.

    Thanks everyone. Its hard to measure that small amount i wanted to get a spray bottle so i could sanitize my thief to see if it was ready to move to my secondary in a few days