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    California Flaked Corn

    I wish it was the final cost. Will ship from So Cal. The rest depends on you guys. CAN be split up in a few ways.
  2. darklord

    California Flaked Corn

    Have 50lbs to trade or sell $39 Can be split in half.
  3. darklord

    California 15 ga Keggles

    I have these KEGGLES with the top opening plasma cut & deburred and a 1/2 inch fitting TIG welded to bottom. Additional ports available, Whirlpool, Thermo. etc. Great for CIP. All kegs are Brand New and not stolen! Buy 3 and pay $300! no discounts otherwise. Ten ready to go at $110 each. More...
  4. darklord

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Saq's The Pious Westvleteren 12 Style Quad Clone - All-Grain Recipe Kit if you please.
  5. darklord

    Frozen Beer...*New Screw Up* :(

    How much new yeast did you use for the batch size of...
  6. darklord

    This is UGLY! I've never, ever seen this before...

    Was it in the beer or on the sides of the Ferm? Are you allergic? If not...
  7. darklord

    Carb up a barrel aged beer

    Any best practices for Natural Vs Force Carb method?
  8. darklord

    HELP Identify the hops we grew.

    I have a few lbs of hops we grew & I don't think they are the right type that the shop said they were. How can I tell if they are the as advertised (Cascade & Galena) that we bought. Who could smell/test them for me in the San Diego area?
  9. darklord

    IMP Russian Strout with a stuck fermentation.

    Out IRS (1.12 OG) that we brewed a few months ago has been stuck for months now at 1.035. Still in the primary frementor. :confused: The original yeast was a English ale. I think we should use a HG yeast with a very oxygenated starter. Any pro or con advice? We plan to Barrel age it in an...
  10. darklord

    Have Fresh hops from WA for sale & trade

    Looking for $1 per oz or less for bigger Qtys. More interested in a trade for other ingredients. Yeast, Malt, etc Send any comments to t e d s i n s d at Y a h o
  11. darklord

    Looking to go AG in San Diego...wanna trade?

    maybe we can trade some items w/b int in the Firestorm T Saw if it has good batteries & charger. Have Fresh hops from WA for sale & trade
  12. darklord

    Self Priming pump

    Does any body use pressurized air to push the wort out of the lines, hopback, CFC/chiller etc?
  13. darklord

    Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen

    Who has used a redwood paddle/stirring/measuring stick in the wort?