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  1. Dancy

    M&B vs Brewzilla vs Foundry

    I use a Wilser bag in the pipe of my M&B and it drapes over the outside of the kettle to prevent any grain from getting into the boil and clogging my pump.
  2. Dancy

    M&B vs Brewzilla vs Foundry

    I bought the M&B with the built-in recirc pump last November and had been comparing it to the Foundry. I really like it at the price point — it was $299 with the pump at William’s Brewing at the time and it has been around a relatively long time with (as I understand) a history of reliability...
  3. Dancy

    Inconsistent flow when filling bottles.

    Was a new bottling wand part of the new set-up? I keep extras around - one cracked a while back so I had a back up. Next time I’m using a new stainless steel wand I just purchased. Unless you have not switched out bottling wands, I don’t know what else could be causing your issue.
  4. Dancy

    Bought an extract kit by accident

    Well there’s a thread yesterday about the AHA Home Brewer of the Year winning with an extract recipe so it isn’t the end of the world — though I understand your frustration about buying the incorrect kit.
  5. Dancy

    Pressure and crown caps

    Please correct me if I’m missing something, but I’ve brewed 3 Belgian Dark Strong Ales in the last several momth and any carbonation chart I’ve checked shows an upper limit of 2.9 volumes. I bottle with corn sugar and the result appears true to the style. Why the extra high carbonation?
  6. Dancy

    Infection taking over and I'm at my wits end

    I live in a small place like the OP — one bdrm condo and brew 5-6G in the kitchen. Once my bottles are surface clean, I bake them in the oven then bottle the next day or the day after. I sit on a stool next to the open oven door and pull them out one at a time and bottle from the bottling bucket...
  7. Dancy

    Frosted Flakes cream ale experiment

    I’d be interested in your recipe!
  8. Dancy

    Brewing while covid positive

    There are a lot of people on HBT qualified to answer in-depth questions about home brewing and, obviously, this is why so many join, seek and learn here. However, unless we have a real doctor of virology here, at least I find this one of the last places I’d ask questions about the transmission...
  9. Dancy

    Brewing a Troegs Mad Elf Ale Clone + Recipe

    This has really smoothed out. The alcohol hotness has settled down a lot and the prominence of the cherries is just right for my taste. I’m not sophisticated in my tasting abilities and I’ve yet to get ahold of a Mad Elf Ale but I’m enjoying it and will save some for the holidays. I’ve also...
  10. Dancy

    Hardly Any Carbonation After Bottle Conditioning - Question From New Brewer

    [="JimRausch, post: 9142785, member: 104856"]And a final probability: Not enough time. Granted 2 weeks carbonating is pretty standard, but the yeast don't read and they will work at their own speed, not ours. So, give the bottles a shake, and give them another 2 weeks before giving up. +1 on...
  11. Dancy

    Water profile for Belgian Wit

    Thank you for this Martin. I use distilled water because I live in a condominium building that treats the water with softener and based on what I’ve read about my community’s water sourceS, I’m concerned about consistency of my tap water. My speculation is a water report would capture a moment...
  12. Dancy

    Water profile for Belgian Wit

    I really don’t want to “overthink it” but I already know from experience my tap water is crap.
  13. Dancy

    Water profile for Belgian Wit

    A late question Martin - I am brewing a Witbier very soon and I read ”somewhere” one only needs to treat their RO (distilled for me) water with lactic acid. This sounds convenient but I’m a bit unsure if its really that simple. Any thoughts?