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    Your First Brew

    My first brew was a stout, just 'cause it's one of my favorite styles. The homebrew shop clerk tried to get me to do a "girly" brew because women don't like dark beers. :rolleyes:
  2. dancingbarefoot

    NZ brewery offering lifetime supply of beer for return of stolen laptop

    NZ brewery offering lifetime supply of beer for return of stolen laptop 12 bottles a month is a lifetime supply? :confused: (Beats nothing, though!) :drunk:
  3. dancingbarefoot

    Brewing with friends

    The first time I brewed, I did it by myself. After that, every time I mention I'm going to be brewing, various friends want to stop by and help out. One of them got super excited about the bottling process and bottled the whole damn batch for me - tried to help but she wouldn't put the capper...
  4. dancingbarefoot

    What's Brewing This Weekend? Oct. 13-14

    Tomorrow I'm brewing a Scotch ale (partial mash). Then on Monday, my first-ever batch of mead. :D (4-day weekend for me = more brewing!)
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    Labrador tea?

    Thanks for checking your books for me. I'm not a fan of Labrador tea, but an Iñupiaq friend of mine swears by it. She drinks tons of the stuff!
  6. dancingbarefoot

    Labrador tea?

    Yeah, but many ingredients taste like sh*te on their own yet make for a tasty brew. Taste alone wouldn't make me ditch it. I'm mainly curious what it was used for. Google yields vague references to Labrador tea as a replacement for hops, but like I said, vague. Nothing I would trust if I wanted...
  7. dancingbarefoot

    new meadery: Ring of Fire (Alaska)

    There was an article about Ring of Fire in the paper this week, including a list of restaurants in Homer and Anchorage where you can get it. Apparently Oaken Keg has it, too, but I haven't been there in over a year so I'm not sure. Anyone tried it? I might have to go to Cafe Amsterdam to get a...
  8. dancingbarefoot

    Labrador tea?

    While digging through my field guide to Alaskan plants (in prep for some fieldwork I'll be doing starting next week), I saw mention of Labrador tea being used in beer. Does anyone know what for? I'm assuming it's an additive, but what is it supposed to do for the beer? For flavor? There wasn't...
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    It's a bit like being female and going to buy a car. Even if you make it clear that you know more about cars than the salesman, inevitably he's convinced that you want a car that matches your shoes, and points out the makeup mirror at least five times. Who gives a damn? Tell me about the engine...
  10. dancingbarefoot

    What are you studying/majoring in?

    I can't explain it, either, but I've always been fascinated with languages and how they work. I'd love to get into forensic linguistics, but few universities in the US have courses in it. Might have to be a self-study sort of thing.
  11. dancingbarefoot

    What are you studying/majoring in?

    I don't know... that retroflex tap is pretty cool :p Getting my Ph.D. in linguistics (endangered languages and laboratory phonetics/phonology). I'll probably end up living in a cardboard box, but at least I'm doing what I love.
  12. dancingbarefoot

    How much do you give away?

    St. Arnold pub crawl this Friday? Details, please! :mug:
  13. dancingbarefoot

    Tomorrow's the big day!

    Guys, you just need to be ultra-smooth like this: ;) (Where the hell do they dig this stuff up?)
  14. dancingbarefoot

    How much do you give away?

    I'd say I give 50-75% away, but so far it's only been two batches. I like sharing with friends, and it keeps me from downing 5 gallons all by my lonesome.
  15. dancingbarefoot

    Tomorrow's the big day!

    Yeah, same guy. Still not quite sure what's going on there, but the valentine greeting is a good sign. ;)