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  1. damrass

    Where can I get a decent beer in New Orleans?

    IME, Abita is served at most places in the Quarter. Many have it on draft, especially the Amber. (Which is mighty tasty for a malty beer.) I'll be sure to stop at these other places when I go there next month. I had trouble finding non-local good beer.
  2. damrass

    Beer: An American Revolution

    I didn't see this already posted, and I thought you guys might like it. recently made a short mini-documentary on the craft beer movement in America. Beer: An American Revolution
  3. damrass

    PDF on how to grow hops. really good Link

    Thanks Sumo, but looks like the link McKBrew posted is what I was looking for.
  4. damrass

    Cost of CO2

    I know that with nitrous oxide, there are food, medical, and auto grades. The difference has something to do with the purity; auto grade has more impurities like the oils used during manufacturing. I would assume the same exists with CO2 and other gases.
  5. damrass

    PDF on how to grow hops. really good Link

    Can anyone post this PDF? Seems the link has gone sour.
  6. damrass

    The Exploding Carboy Club...

    Yeah, I really wish they had a 6.5 gallon...
  7. damrass

    The Exploding Carboy Club...

    Never broken one, thank god. Brew Haulers are great, but I do need to replace all my glass carboys with BBs. Glad the OP didn't get hurt. I wonder how oxidized that saved beer would be. ;)
  8. damrass

    Does everyone always break down your corney's or....

    I prefer to disassemble completely after each use, but I'm just obsessive compulsive like that. :) I also take a part the quick disconnects and picnic taps for good measure.
  9. damrass

    How soon after kegging can I drink the beer

    It depends on what your definition of "long term" is, but unless it's going to be sitting a year you don't have anything to worry about (except maybe missing the beer's peak). And then there are some styles that need long term aging to properly mature. Your beer isn't going to "spoil" in any...
  10. damrass

    At what temperature do you set your kegerator for serving?

    The two factors that affect foam is the speed at which the beer exits the tap and the temperature the beer is at. Regulator PSI and line length affect the speed of the beer exiting (so lower PSI and/or longer lines will reduce foam). Temperature directly affects CO2 solubility (so lower...
  11. damrass

    Midwest Supplies Praises and PRICES

    I ordered a themohydrometer from them a while back, and I received a regular ordinary hydrometer. E-mailed them about it, but I never heard back.
  12. damrass

    I bought my first two cornies!

    I always fill the keg with Star San, and just pump it thru the beverage line. This sanitizes the line and the keg, and it also purges the keg with CO2. After I rack the beer in, I just put like 30psi to seat the lid, then turn the regulator down to 20psi for force carbing. (No sense in purging...
  13. damrass

    At what temperature do you set your kegerator for serving?

    40F, 10 foot lines, 10-15psi.
  14. damrass

    How are "no-rinse" sanitizer and/or cleaners actually "no-rinse"

    Star San actually becomes inactive when it's diluted by the beer; diluting it lowers the pH. The inactive Star San then gets eaten by the yeast as was said earlier. Furthermore, you can actually drink the Star San diluted solution (1oz in 5 gallons). I love Star San. :)
  15. damrass

    Time for an upgrade!

    You might also call up some welding shops and see if they will plasma cut the top off. Smooth cut, cheap, and quick.