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    What's your occupation: Engineer or Non-Engineer

    My last job was as a draftsman for a structural engineer, now I am a production manager. Found the love of cooking at an early age.
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    Injuries sustained while brewing

    I work with metals all day and know the conductive properties of said metals, but dumba** can happen to anybody. After the IC had been in the boil for about 10 min, and watching the steam make the hose soft and squishy, I decided to move it around and seared my thumb and first finger. I guess my...
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    Adding a Spigot to my kettle

    I used a weld-less fitting with an adapter to copper pipe on the inside with a copper elbow, non soldered, and placed it 1/8" off of the bottom and it siphons great. I did not have to flatten the kettle to get a good seal. Check the assembled fitting along the top of the kettle against the...
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    The Moment of Truth

    Looks great. I think this is how it usually turns out for the ones that can wait. When I opened my first batch after waiting 3 weeks and it poured like that, I couldn't quit grinning like a fool for days.:D
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    Soon To Be Brewhouse

    Extract is all for now, but will be making the step up to AG. I am on the southwest side of the strip pit area from Pittsburg.
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    Soon To Be Brewhouse

    The first thing that will happen is to tear out the kitchen counter with the sink, and install a janitor's sink to wash the pots. Now I have to come up with the sculpture to brew on. It came with a newer refrigerator than I have, so I get to upgrade and get a ferm chamber to that can hold two...
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    Soon To Be Brewhouse

    It is time to get serious about my brewing now. Today I signed the paperwork on my brewhouse. It is on the lot next to mine, and to keep any more undesirables from coming into the area, I made an offer and now it's mine. I am trying on the name "Little House Ale Works", it might stick and...
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    I learned the hard way about Star-san and ink. I was dipping the solution from the sink to the wall paper tray with a brand new Pyrex measuring cup and it erased the ink just doing that. Sam Adams labels fall of in plain water pretty easy.
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    Canned Salmon

    The key to good tasting canned salmon is to remove the skin and the thin dark layer of meat (not much loss), this will greatly improve the taste. Some finely diced green peppers and onion in the patty mix makes it taste totally different. Also pick through for the bones and mash them well with a...
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    Is there a good beer store in your area?

    S.E. Kansas is pretty lacking for good beer. Have to drive 40 min east to Joplin MO. to get any good selection. Macadoodle's is a new wine and beer store that has an est. 120' of shelf space for beer with a good make your own sixer selection, and more Belgiums than I have seen before. On the...
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    My Apfelwein, Will it Carb.

    I assembled my afpelwein on Sept. 14th, and due to life and trying to come up with enough large Sam Smith bottles to bottle with, I was finally able to bottle tonight. I used the priming sugar as directed. What are the chances the yeast is still viable enough to carbonate as planed? I pulled off...
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    Quick... you are stuck in a hotel room without a bottle opener...

    Carry a Leatherman or Gerber multi-tool, like a good boy scout, and this will never happen.
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    First Homebrew

    The "Table Cloth" is was used for contrast and it is a set of blue prints to be used out in the shop. Don't tell anybody, but I was at work :D (Yes, my boss liked it too).:rockin:
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    First Homebrew

    I do have to say, that the hours of reading the unlimited knowledge on this site, is what made this the success that it is. Thank you.
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    Economy Stainless Steel Brew pot.

    I have been eyeballing this pot also, but my concern is with scorching. If I took a disc of steel say 3/16" to 1/4" thick and put on the burner and set the pot on, would this work to tame the flame and promote even heating? I am around steel all day long so it would be easy to come up with.