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  1. Curtis K.

    Crushed Grain Spill on Kitchen Floor

    Some of the best malt is still floor malted! :)
  2. Curtis K.

    Overheated wort

    Crushing67 - welcome to the wonderful world of homebrewing! Were you using a no-boil kit? I know they are common in Australia, including the Williams Warn kits. Most of us use the term wort to refer to the liquid after the grains have been removed (or with extract brewing after the extract has...
  3. Curtis K.

    Regulator Issues

    I think that white washer that is captured under the brass retainer is all you are supposed to need, but it will still need to be replaced once in a while. The snip below is from a Komos kegerator owner manual - see the "NOTE". Most of the pictures I found of the Komos regulators showed a spare...
  4. Curtis K.

    10# CO2 filled this morning, exploded in my living room.

    I too have had a burst disk blow on a newly filled 20# cylinder (exchange) it was behind the passenger seat of my 2-door Land Cruiser and happened while I was driving... It kinda made my heart skip a beat - very loud and great billowing vapor instantly filling the cab. It was hot outside, but...
  5. Curtis K.

    Alternative to PBW for cleaning SS fermenters

    [edit - oops, I see that IslandLizard posted much of what I said while I was writing my reply...] The thing with oxyclean (Sodium Percarbonate Peroxyhydrate) is that when mixed with water it releases hydrogen peroxide, which decompose into water and oxygen - that is why it bubbles and will...
  6. Curtis K.

    WD40 on ball valve ok?

    Get some CRC Food Grade Penetrating Oil - Crc 03086 $6.99 Food Grade Penetrating Oil, Aerosol, 11 Oz. | or make your own penetrating oil with mineral oil and acetone in a small spray bottle to keep it food grade. If you really can't get a box end wrench on a hex nipple and if for...
  7. Curtis K.

    New to kegging. What size CO2 cylinder should I get?

    I've found a cannabis grow supply place near me that does 20# CO2 exchange for $11. They will exchange cylinders that are out of date without any extra cost (they never check the date). Their supply seems to sort of rotate among the three local welding gas companies.
  8. Curtis K.

    Dehumidifier in Keezer ?

    SEndorf, I have one of those upright dehumidifiers linked in your first post, but we in NorCal haven't made it into our wet and humid season since I got it - we are still dry and on fire. I got it to use in my keezer because of the low temp usability - it uses a desiccant like the rechargeable...
  9. Curtis K.

    Yes, this is another thread about selling beer... but on a tiny scale.

    Hey MMP126, I think you miss-read what BuzzedBomber was saying. He said he did open a brewery and restaurant for $500K in response to someone else saying you needed $1-2 million.
  10. Curtis K.

    Yes, this is another thread about selling beer... but on a tiny scale.

    Have you talked to insurance companies to get this ridiculous number? When I was at NanoCon 2019 there were a couple insurance companies represented - I did not get hard numbers because I did not have a location, but $45,000 a year was not anywhere near what the reps were talking about...
  11. Curtis K.

    Yes, this is another thread about selling beer... but on a tiny scale.

    It is easy to think that, but in your 66 years a lot has changed - beer laws have changed dramatically allowing the microbrewery industry to explode and in many states you can buy and use weed legally - unthinkable when I was young. At one time they actually made all booze illegal in the USA -...
  12. Curtis K.

    Yes, this is another thread about selling beer... but on a tiny scale.

    I appreciate the tenacity of the OP for sticking to the topic and not getting frustrated with the naysayers! Where I'm at in California, folks selling at farmers markets do pay sales taxes, they are regulated by appropriate authorities (depending on whether they are selling fresh...
  13. Curtis K.

    is there a low-rpm electric stir paddle on the market?

    I have checked into the Mattmill - a bit on the pricey side, the only thing that stopped me was they wanted me to pay German VAT, which is BS since they don't need to pay that to the German tax collector on products exported out of the EU. So I would have had to pay the German VAT and then pay...
  14. Curtis K.

    Ipb-16s replacement sensor

    Hey Aress99, I don't see a link or any details about the NTC sensor from Amazon that you said works perfectly. Can you post some details?
  15. Curtis K.

    Ipb-16s replacement sensor

    BannonB, I'm super interested in a report back on that thermistor probe from TTI, Inc, and how it compares to using the thermowell. My concern with using a thermowell in a RIMS setup is the potential delay in response causing me to over-shoot my mash temps.