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    Getting Beer Jobs

    Any hints on where to look for ads or getting hooked up at a local brewery? I'm 23 and about to graduate from college, my wife has a job and we have no kids, so I'd really like to get a job being around what I enjoy (even if it's just being a grunt). So what should I do?
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    Suggest West Coast Breweries

    Looks like we can pick them up here. Not the whole selection but it's better than nothing.
  3. cslewisster

    Suggest West Coast Breweries

    This is a great list. Thanks for putting so much time into it. I looked up a few of the Breweries and Russian River looks about my speed. :rockin: I'm probably going to go home and talk to my wife about making a trip to pick some up ASAP. I haven't finished looking at the rest but this is great...
  4. cslewisster

    Suggest West Coast Breweries

    I would be glad to swap but I think it's illegal to mail beer in PA. I could check what the laws are in Delaware and Maryland though :D
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    Beer T.V.Show "Rules of engagement" Gives bad image of homebrewers.

    *Sigh* This kind of ignorance makes me very sad, but I'll gladly allow the rest of America to drink their Coors and Bud and I'll keep all my yummy homebrew to myself and my friends.
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    Suggest West Coast Breweries

    I live around Philly and we tend to have a lot of places that have over 100 bottles available for takeout. So just feel free to suggest something and I'll take care of finding it.
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    Suggest West Coast Breweries

    I've had something from all of them except for Stone. I really do need to try Stone. Here's what I'm looking for and why. I had a conversation today with a professor that insisted that West Coast Brew was way better (please don't let this start a flame war). I've had the readily available...
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    Suggest West Coast Breweries

    I tend to drink East Coast beer pretty exclusively (especially local Pennsylvania Brews) and I'm attempting to expand my horizons. What are some great West Coast Breweries to check out? I'm up for almost anything in terms of beer styles so feel free to suggest specific brews from specific breweries.
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    Weyerbacher Hops Infusion IPA

    I've not had their Hops Infusion but I have had Heresy (one of the best beers I've ever tasted). I really love Weyerbacher and I'm pretty convinced they have some of the best beer in the US. I'd ship you some but I'm pretty sure that it's illegal to mail beer in PA.
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    Brew Clubs In Philly

    That's with the guys at Keystone Homebrew? I bought my kit off of them. They're really great guys.
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    One Year of Brewing

    I just gave away my last bottle from my first batch to a professor of mine today. It was a Nut Brown Ale. I used a kit and I think it turned out pretty good. I'm working on a Barleywine now and just bought a mini-fridge so I can turn it into a keggerator later and for lagering now (till I get...
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    Brew Clubs In Philly

    Anyone know of a Homebrew club or something in the Delaware County area that meets on a regular basis?
  13. cslewisster

    Lager or Oatmeal Stout Recipe

    So any suggestions for the Yuengling clone? I've looked some recipes up but I'm too new know if they're good.
  14. cslewisster

    What should I brew next??

    SWMBO needs to be taken care of man. Always make sure she's satisfied.
  15. cslewisster

    Lager or Oatmeal Stout Recipe

    I'm looking for a good Lager or Oatmeal Stout Recipe using . Any suggestions. I'm looking for something that is a grain/extract brew as I don't have the confidence for an all grain brew. If it's a lager I'd love to have something like a Yuengling clone. For the Oatmeal Stout I'm up for...