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    Magazine subscriptions

    I just recently subscribed to BYO. Got my first book last month and I was happy with the information I got out of reading it.
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    Lagering for Dad

    My parents are coming to visit in 3 weeks and they wanted me to make them a beer. My parents are much like yours and don’t like the good stuff. I picked up the recipe from morebeer.com for a no taste no flavor beer. link When I made it all I wanted to do is add more hops, malt or something, but...
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    What would make a good recipe

    I was going to try and start a batch this afternoon with what I have on hand. Anybody got a good recipe to use with any of the following: hops 4oz fuggles 2oz saaz 10oz cascade white labs yeast australian british 7.5 lbs light malt
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    Gotten any cool equipment lately?

    I ain't worried about the prettiest pictures. I just want to see a semi pro(haha) setup that you talk about. Just starting out seeing some of the equipment in action would be great. I am just trying to figure out how to get my wort chiller to work and where to run the water off to.
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    Gotten any cool equipment lately?

    Got me some new toys to try tonight or tomorrow. Being new to brewing it is the little things that are exciting right now. I got my first wort chiller; can't wait to use this and not have to way hours or ice around kettle. I also got a bottle washer to attach to the sink; hopefully this will...
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    Buying a new boiling pot...

    Well I picked one of these up at lunch today. This will be a nice upgrade from my 7.5 gal aluminum kettle. Now I should be able to do a entire 5 gallon batch with less worry of a boil over. It is propane.
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    Buying a new boiling pot...

    This is such a good deal I am tempted to pick one up. Is this electric or propane?
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    Naming your beer

    These are great. Now I am inspired to name mine. hmmm.. what will I name the next batch.
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    Homebrew Supply Websites

    I used Beer-Wine.com this week and was very happy with the service and speed of the delivery. I put in a order for some liquid malt extract to test them out and 2 hours after I put in my order online I received a email that it had been shipped, received it on thursday. All this was with the...
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    I am just starting to do kegs and so far it seems very easy. There is a little price at first but not that bad if you look around. I found 1 keg at the dump and got a 5lb CO2 can from a friend. I did look around at prices since eventually I will have to give the CO2 can back. At my local HBS...
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    Dry yeast & Hot Water

    The wort smelled fine but there was still no activity tonight so I pitched the vial of yeast. It was in a carboy with a airlock so I don’t see any contamination happening. I pitched the yeast and mixed it up a bit, we will see tomorrow if the activities start.
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    Am I just paranoid.

    I was laughing reading your post. Thinking back to the first batch that I did and was so worried if I did everything correctly. Don’t worry a bit. There is hardly anything ever wrong with the first batch since every thing is clean and only needs to be sanitized.
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    Fat Tire

    I’ll bite. What are fat tire bottles? Still learning all the brewing slang.
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    Question on cooling the wort.....

    I have a 7 gallon brew pot and had it overflow the one time I brewed the entire batch at once. There seems to be a “big foam” after adding the hops that is uncontrollable for the first 5 – 10 minutes. When I do the 3 gallon boil the foam does not get close to an overflow. Also I start with...
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    Dry yeast & Hot Water

    I think I screwed up big time here. I got the wort already and was going to rehydrate some dry east from a kit of coopers. But when I rehydrated the yeast the water was almost at boiling temperature. I know that I have killed the yeast but wanted to ask here to make sure. This was all done last...