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    Traverse City, MI

    Thanks everyone for their replies. We had a great, but way too fast family trip. I didn't get to do half of what I hoped to get done, but had some great food and beer while there. And the guy at the Beverage Center was awesome! He spent 30 minutes with me showing me some of the best brew...
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    Traverse City, MI

    What about a good local pizza place (preferably one that will deliver to the hotel, or have a good pizza buffet?
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    Crispin Hoeny Crisp Clone

    So I might have figured it out with my brother in-law (who is a home wine maker) I think if we just use apple juice, sugar, and a cider yeast, ferment, when ready kill the fermentation, than add a few pounds of honey, it should be pretty close. The honey they use isn't fermented, that's why...
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    Traverse City, MI

    I'm taking my family for Traverse City, MI in June for a few days. Can anyone tell me the best brewpubs or even best places to eat while we are there? Also looking for a good liquor store to pick up some Michigan beer. Has anyone ever tried the whiskey from Grand Traverse Distillery? Is it...
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    Crispin Hoeny Crisp Clone

    Anyone have any ideas on the type and amount of honey to use? Or yeast?
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    capping twist off bottles

    Never had a problem with em. Even had a few sit in the basement for a couple of years, and held the carbonation fine.
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    OK, so I know this is going to make me sound crazy... How many bottles do you have?

    I've got about 15 cases. I'm giving away about half of those. If anyone is near Waterloo, IA and wants them, PM me.
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    Why use carboys?

    Holy crap, 4 out of 5 doctors reccomend smoking a pack of camels a day?? I got to get to the store!!!!1:drunk:
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    To force carb a keg does it have to be cold?

    I've been kegging without a fridge for almost a year, it's no problem, you may use a little more CO2 than those with a fridge, but not enough to be a huge deal. The biggest problem I have is foaming while pouring. There are lots of solutions to this that will make thing managable. Longer...
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    Sour Bier de Garde?

    yeah, the smell was pretty bad 1 week after kegging, I was pretty worried, but it was definately worth a few weeks wait
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    Sour Bier de Garde?

    Just a quick update. I tried the beer last night after a little over 3 weeks in the keg. It was awesome. The grain bill turned out to be exactly what I wanted, and god a nice sour taste too. In fact, it was a little stronger than the commercial beers I've had that were made with this...
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    Removing Trub and Hop Sediment from Boil Kettle

    Revvy is wise beyond his years. I used to do the whole funnel with a strainer in it, it was a PITA. Now I do exactly like Revvy does (although I didn't know that until now) and it works great. I'm all for doing an extra step if will really help my beer, but I'm also all about doing less...
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    chocolate raspberry imperial stout advice

    keep us posted, you just made me very thirsty!:mug:
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    Multiple Brew Pots for a 5 Gal Batch

    1+ That's the way I've been doing it for awhile now. The other big consideration is boil off. You will have more boil off with two pots, so start with more wort. Also, on the hop thing, I'm lazy and don't like to clean, so I only hop 1 pot, I have basically keeping my hop ratio about...
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    Mash and sparge without a tun?

    search BIAB brew in a bag, you'll find lots of info. I've never done it myself, but lots do, and with good results.