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    WTT 6 Gallon Glass carboy for 5 gallon

    I'd like to make that trade, just don't know when I'd be able to make it to Carlsbad. I'm in Riverside.
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    Digital Temperature Controller

    So it is a dual stage temp controller with one temp probe? Meaning you can plug in your ferm chamber to cool and a ferm wrap to warm? Set the temp to what you want and if the temp drops it turns on the ferm wrap and if the temp rises too high, it turns on the cooling? Thanks for the info
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    Digital Temperature Controller

    Can you use both heating and cooling at the same time - or is it one or the other? Thanks
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    WTT or sell Anchor Steam tap handle *new*

    Try this. It might allow that tap to still fit.
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    WTB-Keezer Parts-Digital Temp Contol, Regulator/manifold, 10lb Co2 Tank, Std Couplers

    Check you private message box. I have (2) sanke D-type coupler taps if you want those too, we can figure a bundled price.
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    WTB-Keezer Parts-Digital Temp Contol, Regulator/manifold, 10lb Co2 Tank, Std Couplers

    I have a Ranco 111000 that is prewired with a heavy duty gauge extension cord. That I would be willing to sell. Let me know if you are interested and we can talk price.
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    Brewery names--what's your story?

    Do you love animals? Do you use / eat animal products?
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    Brewery names--what's your story?

    My wife and I are both Veterinarians All our beers are named after our pets
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    Fermentation chamber

    Nothing to do but make sure the freezer works and your fermenting buckets or carboys fit. Then hook up a temperature controller (lot's of options) and you are in business. You can buy temp controllers pre rigged or you can rig them your self. They come as digital or analogs. It is really...
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    Mini Brew 15 gallon Conical

    I would be willing to ship at buyer cost. It would be pretty expensive I think. 35 pounds and 45 inches tall. I'm about 4 hours from Pismo Beach.
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    Mini Brew 15 gallon Conical
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    M Keezer Build

    Finished the Drip Tray and attached it. Still need to put in the middle strip. But everything is functional where I need it. I'm gonna brew up an APA in a few weeks with a buddy and have that on the third tap. Can't wait. Thanks for following my build. If anyone has any questions about...
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    Foam Issues on one line

    Update: I added the secondary regulator and increased PSI to 15 on Orange Wheat and it seems to have resolved the bubbles and burps in the line. It comes out pretty quick and causes some foaming at the faucet. I plan on increasing the length of the line to increase resistance. I have a...
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    M Keezer Build

    Not really. The veneer is so thin it limits any problems with heat dissipation. There are lots of keezer builds with veneer siding.