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    How legal is underage homebrew?

    I am 15 I don't know why my profile says I'm a twenty something woman but I'm not. It started when we had a lot of plums my mom wanted to get rid of the plums so we made wine. Then I had an empty fermenter so we made beer. I get the recipes and pay for half the ingredients but if a cop asks I...
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    I want to use yeast rather than priming sugar for bottling

    I think you will have a hard time getting the timing right. Cool too early you get bottle bombs cool too late there might not be enough sugar or you will have to wait a long time. What's wrong with the standard method?
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    Creating yeast strains

    This is the exact conclusion I came to earlier today! I think I could take some white labs super high gravity yeast which can take up to 25% alcohol pitch it in 15% alcohol repropagate, pitch into 20% repropagate 25% etc... As far as lab equipment goes my other hobby is chemistry so I have...
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    Creating yeast strains

    There are many different strains of yeast available some produce more alcohol others less, some produce esters and others do not. How can a homebrewer go about creating a strain of yeast unique from a store bought strain? If I wanted a super yeast like the one used to brew utopias could I...
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    Bottling - Sugar direct in the bottle?

    If it's a five gallon batch just add 3/4 cup priming sugar boiled in a pint of water to the wort collected after raking from your secondary. It is more reliable and less time consuming.
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2009?

    Corkster are you serious?!?! Since when does 7092 + 10 = 8002 did you just skip the hundreds place? The actual current number is 7163. 5g dunkelweizn 7163+5=7168
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    Atomic Brewing Commission Logo

    Like this? Damn I love gimp.
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    Fermenation time for big beers

    1.115 is leaning to imperial stout status. I would suggest 3-4 weeks in primary, 3-4 weeks in secondary and 6-8 weeks in a bottle. A beer that big takes a while to ferment, age and mellow.
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    Fruit beer of doom

    Interesting, beer that makes you angry. Except for the bouts of rage does it taste good? That sounds like a lot of citrus.
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    New labels

    Yeah nyctophobia (fear of the dark) will probably be for a porter, stout or imperial stout.
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    Hopped Malt

    I have never done an extract batch. The reason for this was I felt it was premade, like kool aid all I had to do was mix with water heat it an boil it. All grain brewing is easier than you think. I use a plastic bucket as a primary.
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    New labels

    And even more...
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    Spent Grain? Make Your Best Friend Cookies!

    My dog loves these! Thanks for the great recipe.
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    Stop Putting Airlocks on Your Starters!

    *Takes airlock off starter* :o
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    First Starter Yeast ??

    Shake the wort.