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  1. Cranny04

    moving as a brewer sucks...

    I just moved a month ago. All i have on tap is an imperial stout and a 8% Belgian Blonde Fermented with brett nanus. Either one is an every day drinker. I just brewed for the first time since the move. it went well but the process feels odd in the new space. I also have to deal with a new...
  2. Cranny04

    DIPA Water. No Chlorides

    Thanks! I live 45 min from a Homebrew store.
  3. Cranny04

    DIPA Water. No Chlorides

    Thanks for the response! My brew day has just gotten postponed (work). So I'll be able to pick up some CaCl
  4. Cranny04

    DIPA Water. No Chlorides

    Hey all, I'm planning on brewing a DIPA tomorrow. I was going to build my water to be similar to Tasty McDole's "Hoppy Beer" water profile: Ca 110, Mg 18, Na 17, So4 350, Cl 50. I went to my LHBS to get more CaCl and they were out. How large of an effect would leaving out the Cl and lowering...
  5. Cranny04

    ECY24 Brettanomyces Nanus

    I brewed a belgian blonde recipe last night with a buddy. OG of 1.056 my half got the Brett Nanus. His half got WLP500. Our recipe calls for 1.25lbs of sugar to be added to each ferment (i'm not sure if i'll add it to mine or not) Will post tasting notes eventually...
  6. Cranny04

    ECY24 Brettanomyces Nanus

    Easy coast yeast posted on their Facebook a while back that he did a 100% Brett Nanus beer. He said it tasted like a Saison with very little acidity and/or Funk. A few months later he said it was starting to develop some Brett character (similar to Orval)
  7. Cranny04

    Post here if you scored East Coast Yeast today

    I just found out that I am getting a bundle of East coast yeasts. ECY1, ECY08, ECY12, ECY21 and ECY24.
  8. Cranny04

    ECY24 Brettanomyces Nanus

    Has anybody used it? How? When? Where? I just found out that I am getting a bundle of East coast yeasts. ECY1, ECY08, ECY12, ECY21 and ECY24.
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    I just found it a few weeks ago. Now i'm obsessed.
  10. Cranny04

    American Rye Recipe Help

    I'm currently brewing an "ordinary bitter" with rye and A Zythos/Cascade blend. The Zythos goes very nicely with the rye. I get a lot of pine and some spice from them. In a different pale ale I got a lot of candied orange flavor from it.
  11. Cranny04

    Adding salts to the boil vs. the sparge

    Is there any difference between adding the water adjustments to the Sparge water or the boil? I use 100% RO water and build from there. Thanks, Cranny
  12. Cranny04

    EZ Water Calculator 3.0

    How would I handle flaked rice in the spreadsheet? I'm planning on brewing a Cream Ale; 80% Pils, 20% Minute Rice. Thanks!
  13. Cranny04

    2013 NHC first round results?

    My results from Ohio: American Pale Ale: 27 (I think it may have been an infected bottle, both judges noticed a spotty ring on the neck and strong diacetyl aroma) Saison: 26 (not to style) Imperial Stout: 31.5 American Stout: 22.5 (not to style) American Amber: 24 (Not hoppy enough) I...
  14. Cranny04

    Competition question

    The score sheets still talked about a belgian beer. None of my other beers are remotely belgian.