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    What came in the mail for you today?

    Three brand new kegs, 2 body primary regulator, 3 body secondary regulator, 3 Intertap SS faucets, 3 SS 5" shanks, lots of EVAbarrier tubing, Duotight fittings, temperature controller, stout nozzle, growler filler, a bag of misc kegging supplies. Everything will be setup for MFL fittings so the...
  2. Crafty_Brewer

    Chest Freezer Specs and Layouts

    Awesome! I think I’m going with the Vissani 7.0 as well when I go to pick up a freezer for my build. That has to be the best keg capacity at that price point.
  3. Crafty_Brewer

    Chest Freezer Specs and Layouts

    That does suck. I’m looking around for freezer options to build my keezer soon as well. I wish there was something cheaper than that Midea, looks like Lowe’s wants $399 for it. The Magic Chef 7.0 from Home Depot is $229 and others have indicated that it fits 3 on the floor. $170 extra for +1 keg...
  4. Crafty_Brewer

    Can i use a propane turkey fryer stove for brewing? Also how much propane do you use for one 5 gallon batch?

    I have the Bayou SP10 w/10psi reg, it is rated at 59,000 btu. I can hit a boil from mash temps in about 15 minutes. Outdoors you will probably want a windscreen. Mine is just a roll of aluminum flashing. You will use less gas with the windscreen too. I get about 4 brews out of one tank (always...
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    Best way to sparge with BIAB Brewing?

    When I BIAB I don’t sparge unless I don’t have room in the kettle for a full volume mash. When I do have to sparge I just pour the water over the bag that is suspended over my kettle via ratchet pulley. One gallon is usually sufficient to hit my volume depending on my target OG. The pitcher...
  6. Crafty_Brewer

    Need help deciding on which grain mill to buy

    I’m pretty happy with my Cereal Killer from AIH; $99 and it has actual bearings for the rollers instead of bushings. I haven’t had any problems with it. That being said, I don’t know what $400 buys you for a mill, but my little cereal killer just keeps crushing.
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    Why not just start with all grain?

    BIAB is all grain, as is 3 vessel. Both are just different methods of separating the grains from the wort.
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    Why not just start with all grain?

    Starting with all grain can be great. Many new brewers are likely intimidated by the information overload. We as brewers like to geek out on our setups and that is fine (and really fun), but sometimes we do new brewers a disservice by unintentionally making them think that shiny gear and a...
  9. Crafty_Brewer

    Learning small scale biab

    If the goal is to do 5 gallon BIAB, I would recommend a 10-15 gallon kettle. I have a 10 gallon and can do up to 1.070 full volume no sparge, and high gravity beers if I feel like sparging a gallon or three. A 15 gallon would have let me do high OG beers full volume without sparging. I also...
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    Can you recommend me an English yeast?

    Terrible. I’m not sure what’s worse: never having had them, or having had them just to see them shut down. Damn the virus and damn the tyrants.
  11. Crafty_Brewer

    Can you recommend me an English yeast?

    That is really cool, I think I will snag some of the Lallemand Verdant. I always like to have some dry yeast on hand for backup or days that I decide to brew and haven’t had time to get a starter going. A 1318 derivative would be fun to try.
  12. Crafty_Brewer

    Can you recommend me an English yeast?

    Thanks for the links, those are good reads: I’m still going through the monster sized one. From your other post it sounds like I’m stuck with third rate yeast, but I will make the best of it. I don’t have access to a proper British pub to snag dregs from, and in the best bottle shops within an...
  13. Crafty_Brewer

    Can you recommend me an English yeast?

    That is good to know that 002/1968 are really the biggest ones to worry about for bottle conditioning. I may have to try the 1469, I had to look that one up and it sounds right up my alley.
  14. Crafty_Brewer

    Can you recommend me an English yeast?

    Yes I am, that is a good read; I’m still going through it. I’m hoping to get some info on what English yeast is good for bottling, but that thread makes me want to save up for a kegging setup to get in on some of that wlp-002 action without the gushers or green apple non-sense.
  15. Crafty_Brewer

    Can you recommend me an English yeast?

    So my wy1318 that I had harvested from an overbuilt starter died. My bad for not using it since April. My backup yeast I pitched into a best bitter yesterday was Lallemand London ESB. Never used it before, but it is chewing through the wort like mad. Now I am out of English yeast save for a pack...