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    Pumpkin ale

    Last weekend, I brewed a "Perfect Pumpkin Ale" Recipe by Mark Pasquinelli, using 5 lbs of roasted Butternut Squash, diced and placed in a bag, in the boil. Obviously no issues with a stuck mash. Plenty of trub in the kettle. Start to finish in 6 hours, which is rather quick for me, especially...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    West Coast snow day means brewday. 7" on the ground here means nothing is moving. Brewed an Amber ended up about 5 points low at 1.050. Suspect I hurried the sparge a bit.
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    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    Brewed this up a month ago, just went into the keg last night. Ended up with just a tiny hint of char. My wife thought it reminded her of a pepper ale. Mash temp was a little too low and had to heat it up. Likely happened there. Was thinking about hitting it with a bit of habanero pepper...
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    2013 Hop garden photo thread

    Here is what mine are looking like this year. On the left is my Glacer, and on the right is my Cascade, going wild.
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    Keezer Dead?

    Wow. What a bummer. My keezer is not cooling any more and is kind of wirring, but not a normal freezer doing good cooling things kind of noise. Is this the dying sounds of a keezer giving up, or is there hope for fixing? Anyone know the proper place to look to diagnose a freezer, or what the...
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    Anyone use a 240V 4500-5500W heatstick?

    Don't be so quick to discount scorching if you use high density elements for your boil. I have and have had issues with scorching (light charcoal taste). If you are going to go full boil with your element, use a low density. Trust me. You won't like even a little charcoal in your beer.
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    Heatstick melted!

    Unfortunately, I had the exact same "melt down" happen to me. My 5500 watt 220 volt high density heat stick had to be bent 90 degrees to properly fit in both my boil kettle. I knew that right at the bend, there was a small crack in the ceramic or what ever material surrounds the nicrom wire...
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    Purple Hops

    From the "CENTRAL JERSEY INVASIVE SPECIES STRIKE TEAM" web site, Invasive Plant Fact Sheet, Japanese Hops (Humulus japonica) The pictures do look a lot like your pictures. But, at the end of the write up, a warning. "WARNING: This plant can cause rashes or blistering. Handle with gloves."...
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    Soldering a 1" Lock Nut to Sanke Keg, with Pictures

    Hey Quaffer, where did you source the lock nut you used? I am a long way from the east coast, but not that far from Snohomish, here in snowy (???) Renton.
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    Trellis Designs?

    My trellis system was limited to materials on hand, but chain link fencing top rails worked out very nicely. The rails nest/slide inside each other about six inches, and are typically 10 feet long. I drove the bases about three feet into the earth, and cut off the top after driving so that the...
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    Burner Wind Shield Design Considerations...

    Do you have a picture?
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    Your Keg Washing System? Looking for ideas.

    Four pages. Wow. Lots of ways to skin this cat, and I really appreciate all the responses. This could have turned into a debate about one way. Instead, I see all kinds of answers. My original intent was to head towards a pumped spray system, but I am in no hurry. I am curious to see what...
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    Cascades hop harvest aroma???

    Great discussion on the fine points, especially for my Cascades. I think I will give them a few more days. They are papery and crunchy, but the smell is grassy, and the lupulin is still a bright "yellow light" yellow. Unfortunately, we won't get warm sunny and dry weather till like the middle...
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    Best Hop Manual Ever

    Chrome got it fine for me. Sticky Sticky Sticky.....
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    Your Keg Washing System? Looking for ideas.

    Looking for ideas for a DIY corney keg washing/sanitizing system. I have been thinking through my options, using what I have available. Plenty of copper tubing and fittings, buckets, hoses, couple of different pumps, etc., but no really fine ideas yet on how to put it all together. If you...