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    Thermostat Control Unit

    I'm looking to get a thermostat control unit so I can use my kegerator to hold my carboy for fermentation. I wanna get a controller I can plug into the wall. Any suggestions on a good one at an affordable price? Thanks
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    Food color during bottling

    It takes a drop per 12oz. I tried it on a similar color ipa to see what the color change would be.
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    Food color during bottling

    Thanks for all the advice. They are only going to sit for the two week carbonation period before they get drank. Thanks Maffewl for the dropping the die in each bottle before I cap it advice. That will help with the worry of dying my bottling bucket green.
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    Food color during bottling

    I have a friend that wants me to brew him some beer but wants it to be green like on St Pattys day. The only thing is he wants it green as people open them and not add it in when they open the bottle. Would this affect any of the beer if I add in food coloring during the bottling process? Any...
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    Ipa temps

    Thanks for the info
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    Ipa temps

    I also used California yeast 001
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    Ipa temps

    I have a kegerator but the temp doesn't go above 46 degree. If I leave it off its about 80 inside which I know isn't good for my ipa. What should I expect if I tried fermenting at that low of a temp?
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    When to know fermentation is done.

    I heard to look and see if no bubbles occur for 30seconds than it is done fermenting and you can bottle at this time. Any opinions on this. Thanks brewers.
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    Gravity reading.

    If I forgot to take my final gravity reading before bottling the beer can I take a gravity reading when I open a bottle or does the sugar effect the reading? Thanks
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    Lack of fermentation

    Good news fellow brews. You were right. Just needed to be a little patient. Came home from work today a boom. Activity going on in the fermenter and bubbles in the blow off.
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    Lack of fermentation

    I forgot what yeast I pitched. I have it written down. Ill look when I get home. Also enough for a 5gallon mix.
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    Lack of fermentation

    I usually brew all grain but got some dried malt extract from a buddy. Just got done brewing it last night and got it into my fermenter. This morning I checked on it and it looks like it is lacking fermentation. I pitched my yeast at about 73degrees. Any thoughts???
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    Mash with a muslin bag

    When I am in the mash step and I add my grain that's in the muslin bag to the water and I check the temperature should the grain be at the 150-160 degree range or should the liquid be around 150-160? I assume the grain should or both. Any help would be amazing.
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    Blow off bucket

    That's what I was thinking. For sure here on out I will remember the sanitation in the blow off. I'm going to make the same batch and taste the two an see If there is a difference.
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    Dry hopping

    This is all great information. Everyday I learn so much and just want to make beer all day. Thank you everyone for the advice and tips.