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  1. coyotlgw

    The old Sulfuric Lager...

    OK so next time I will do as Yooper suggests :) To save this one, though, I kept it in the chiller at 36 degrees (F) for another week at 10 psi and vented the gas every other day. Currently tastes far more as I had intended.
  2. coyotlgw

    The old Sulfuric Lager...

    Yeah the ten days in Primary.... it was down to 1.090 so I figured it was done and it was time for Secondary/lagering. so I pitched at 70 because I thought the package said that I was supposed to.... I would not get a stuck start if I pitched at 50? I think Yooper is right, even though I was...
  3. coyotlgw

    The old Sulfuric Lager...

    05/21/2008 20:29 at 75°F SPGR on sample 1.037, adjusts to 1.039. Pitched yeast at 75°F 05/22/2008 05:30 Had started to bubble at room temp, moved fermenter to chiller at 55°F 06/01/2008 21:00 Racked to secondary. SPGR 1.010 at 52.5°F, corrects to 1.009 Dropped temp to about 46°F...
  4. coyotlgw

    The old Sulfuric Lager...

    So after lagering forever (OK, four weeks) I kegged my light lager and finally tasted it last night. Smells and tastes like rotten eggs. So other than letting it sit another month at 40 degrees, what can I do to mae it drinkable? Extract with grains, yeast was Weast 2035: YEAST...
  5. coyotlgw

    Phoenix AZ gathering - BATF 07/09

    Which one of you is the Iordan d00der from Bulgaria? Also, finally kegged my Light Lager but it has a hint of Sulfur... will need to hit the books :(
  6. coyotlgw

    Phoenix AZ gathering - BATF 07/09

    Had a good time, gents, nice to meet you all :)
  7. coyotlgw

    Phoenix AZ gathering - BATF 07/09

    Jeep name guy - yes I will try to attend. My 36th B-Day is Thursday, so not sure how many things I can cram into one week ;) Definitely. Are you the old guy who opened the short-lived homebrew shop in Pinetop a few years back?
  8. coyotlgw

    BATF - PHX June Brewout 06-07

    FYI, I have that day listed on the calendar as: The 2nd Annual Bloomin' Beerfestl Saturday, June 7, 2008 - 7:00 PM Irish Cultural Center 1106 N. Central Avenue
  9. coyotlgw

    Phoenix Brewout 4/12/08

    coyotlgw dusts off his brewin' Speedo...
  10. coyotlgw

    AZ Strong Beer Fest 2/28/09

    I had a nasty virus and missed it :(
  11. coyotlgw

    Good God, 14.7% Imperial Stout?

    On 20 DEC I racked four gallons to secondary, reading 1.029 SPGR at 69°F for an ABV of 13% so far. The other gallon was racked to a single gallon jug and i pitched a quarter packet of dry champagne yeast. I now see the following on that single gallon: Has anybody used dry champagne yeast...
  12. coyotlgw

    Best and/or Worst Brewing Gadgets You've Ever Purchased

    I googled this, went to their website, and still don't get it.... how exactly are you using it? watching temp and SPGR or something?
  13. coyotlgw

    Good God, 14.7% Imperial Stout?

    still holding at 68 degrees F. Has not cleared.... more like the color of Guinness but more syrupy in consistancy
  14. coyotlgw

    Good God, 14.7% Imperial Stout?

    Finally stopped bubbling, racked to secondary at 1.030. That's 13% so far. Yowza.
  15. coyotlgw

    Brewer's Christmas tree

    OK, I am sure that you have all had this emailed to you by at lest one person, but in case anybody has yet to see it: