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    Gloopy wine

    A common "cure" for Ropiness is to sulphite at 100-150 ppm (2 to 3 Camden tablets per gallon) to kill the bacteria and then stir energetically to break up the chains of bacteria and in order to aerate the wine. Leave it 2 or 3 days and then rack it off the newly formed sediment in to a clean and...
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    Raspberry Wine troubles

    Is it clear or still a bit cloudy? If you don't have hydrometer have you tried a taste test to see if it's overly sweet or has a low alcohol content. My guess is that it's either "stuck" or slowed down.
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    Hi from South Florida

    I made my first brew more than 45 years ago and produced 5 gallons of wonderful vinegar :( Decided to try winemaking instead and have been doing it off and on since then. Looking forward to chatting and swapping ideas. Slainge