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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    As a future winner I am replying to this thread. LOL
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    Adding a Valve to brew pot

    One question about the weldless fittings. When I installed a ball-valve on my cooler for my mash tun I was able to tighten the fittings enough to prevent leaks but this also involved a rubber grommet behind the washers. The concern is that the washers on the inside and outside are flat...
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    Where can I get a decent beer in New Orleans?

    I think the word in New Orleans is Around Here, It's Dixie Beer LOL. I heard the brewery was in serious trouble after the Hurricane. I hope they get it back in action.
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    Bacon sandwiches cure a hangover???

    Wiser words were never spoken! :) And when a Bacon sandwich just isn't enough there is The Ultimate Bacon Hangover Cure
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    Built my brewstand today

    Hey Jaja, How did you install the Thermo? Does it leak at all? Cheers TC
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    Getting ready to bottle my Peach Wheat

    Thanks that what I thought but I wanted to make sure.
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    Getting ready to bottle my Peach Wheat

    Greetings, I am about to bottle up a Peach Wheat I threw together from a kit plus some hallertauer hops. I racked into the secondary just short of 2 weeks ago onto some peach puree. When I go to bottle should I try to avoid getting any puree from the bottom of the secondary or should I...
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    Measuring Priming Sugar

    Ok weighing sounds like the way to go...pun intended. But, since different sugars have different densities how do you know how much to weigh? I know dextrose is generally the most commonly used priming sugar, and perhaps DME is second. Histo stated that temperature has an impact so are...
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    Measuring Priming Sugar

    Probably sitting on the back patio smoking a cigar and enjoying a home brew....LOL :)
  10. CowboyShootist

    Measuring Priming Sugar

    Thanks for the info. I am a little confused as most of the books I have read, well ok the 2 books I have read, say to use 3/4 cup of sugar (Dextrose). Is measuring the weight a better way to go?
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    Measuring Priming Sugar

    Greetings, A couple of nights ago I was bottling up a Honey Ginger Lager and found a package of priming sugar that had come with a beer kit that I got for Christmas. I have always used 3/4 cup of priming sugar which is what I measured out of the package. The package was labeled as having 5oz...
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    Phil's Sparging Arm

    Greetings, Was looking at the Phil's sparging arms and was wondering if anyone had tried a simple nozzle from a yard irrigation system? Seems like you could get one of the adjustable models and have it spay a nice "rain-like" circle of water over the grain bed. TC
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    Cooler for HLT?

    Greetings, Finally found a round 10gal rubbermaid for my MLT. In the process of looking around I saw some places online that were selling sets of cooler style MLT and HLT. I am a little confused about the cooler style HLT. Is the idea to simply pour hot water into the cooler? I am assuming...
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    Very occasional bubbling in the blow-off tube

    Just took another Hydro reading. 1.0055 so I racked into my secondary with 3lbs of Peach puree. So far everything looks OK. I'll probalby bottle in 2 weeks just to give the beer time to soak up some peachness. :)
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    Very occasional bubbling in the blow-off tube

    OG was around 1.056 and fermenting temps around 65-70F. Haven't taken a final reading just yet. Getting ready to do that in a bit. I am hoping to see the FG around 1.010-1.005.