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    Oh, and you may want to check out this thread
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    I haven't had any from Germany or anything like that, but I had a Sam Adams Octoberfest last night, and I thought it was good.
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2011?

    31,792 +5 Gallons Reapers Mild =31,797 gallons
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    Can you use it by just sprinkling and have no problems? Yes, and I've done it before (as have many others that have replied to this thread). Do you get more viable yeast if you rehydrate with warm (85-90 degree F) water for 15 minutes before pitching...yes you do. Sure, it adds another step...
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    What are you drinking now?

    Fresh Hop Mirror Pond Pale Ale from Deschutes.
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    Dark Mild Reaper's Mild, 1st place 2011 HBT Competition

    It means when you are first mixing your grains with water, to mix 1.25 quarts of water for every 1 pound of grain.
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    Dark Mild Reaper's Mild, 1st place 2011 HBT Competition

    Brewed this up last Friday with a bunch of new brewing equipment I just got. It's my first brew with a new false bottom in my mash tun to replace the stainless steel braid that had collapsed. Also the first time I used pure oxygen (new williams brewing oxygen kit), and my first brew in my...
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    Free Subscription to BYO Magazine

    Well, it's not winning the lottery, but I'm sure I have a better chance here. I'm in!
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    Deal: Samuel Adams Boston Lager Beer Glasses

    Yeah, I got mine in the mail yesterday. Imperfections such as bubbles and small cracks in some of the glasses, and I didn't see any laser etching on the bottom of ANY of mine. I emailed them and asked for my money back. We'll see.
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    What am I getting myself into?

    Another plus for Hefe being pretty easy to make is that if you ferment on the high side, you will still get a decent beer.
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    How to cold crash?

    I have not cold crashed yet, but from everything I've read, you should still be fine to bottle without adding additional yeast if you only cold crashed for a few days. Once it warms up the yeasties will wake up and go to town on the bottling sugar.
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    Temp controller question

    Well, I do have to say that if this is a legit new user and his first post, that certainly wasn't a very nice welcome to the community. People come here to ask for help and opinions on new stuff all the time and normally get sound advice and helpful answers. Even if he is someone looking to...
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    Pinnacle of my Homebrewing experience!!

    Congratulations to you! You are living the dream. It's nice when people love something that you obviously put so much into.
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    Portland, OR brews

    I must say I'm shocked at all the recommendations for McMennamins. Portland has some amazing breweries and brew pubs. McMeannamins is not one of them. They have a lot of locations, but to me their beer is not that great, and there are certainly better places to go if you only have 48 hours in...
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    Portland, OR brews

    If you're looking for English style beers, head to the Horse Brass Pub You can also check out the Green Dragon, they have a huge selection of beer from all around Portland. Also, about a block away from the Green Dragon is the Cascade Barrel House. If you are into...