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    Tiny white balls around my kombucha

    They don't seem to be eels as they look a bit different and as I read eels are supposed to move towards light. This didn't move. I had my brew in 7 jars and apart from 2 all of them ended up being mouldy. One of them didn't develop scoby at all. All of those that developed scoby had these balls...
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    Tiny white balls around my kombucha

    If I remember correctly I just put sweet tea and scoby inside the jar that was washed with white vinegar. I will see how it looks in few days. Thank you!
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    Tiny white balls around my kombucha

    Hello! This is my first time making a kombucha. I received scoby from a friend and put it in the sweet tea 7 days ago. When I looked at it today, there seemed to be something translucent and slimy forming on the top with lots of tiny white balls around it. The mama scoby is resting in the bottom...
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