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  1. Corey Fish

    PNW Cider fall 2018, pics and journal

    Update for April 2019. I bottled all batches 3 weeks ago. Bottle conditioning everything. For the Rose cider (#1 above), I bottled at 2.5 volumes. For the bourbon barrel cider (#6 above), bottled at 4 volumes in belgian 750s with crown caps. Bottled the small batch of M2 (#4 above) at 4...
  2. Corey Fish

    source for small amount of wine grapes?

    Yeah! So I ended up using medium char american oak cubes ~1.5 oz in 6 gal and let it sit for 4 weeks. I racked off the oak to a clean carboy and it's just been chilling in secondary for about 2 months now. I tasted a month ago and it was still pretty young tasting and there was definitely...
  3. Corey Fish

    Will my plan work?

    Hey There- First off, exactly how gluten free is your friend? I believe some dry yeasts contain trace amounts of gluten that gets used in the preservation process, so maybe double check on that. Secondly, go ahead and add some fruit and spice, but time will also work wonders on bringing out...
  4. Corey Fish

    Keg and serve cider at room temp help

    Thanks for this, I actually ended up figuring this out on my own. What I did was use 24 psi, about 2.5 volumes at my temp and then use 6 feet of 3/16 line at 2.8 psi per foot resistance. With the keg on the floor and me holding the faucet in hand that gives a serving pressure of right around 5...
  5. Corey Fish

    Black Mission Fig wine taste like cigarettes?

    Hmm, I don't know about the forest fire thing, all I can say from experience is that young wines can have all sorts of off smells/colors that tend to get better with time as the residual yeast clean it up. When did you start it? I've been bulk aging my plum wine since I made it in July and...
  6. Corey Fish

    Black Mission Fig wine taste like cigarettes?

    What was the full recipe?
  7. Corey Fish

    Mixed drinks using ur cider?

    Got this from a buddy who is the head mixologist/bar guru at Middle Fork Kitchen Bar in Lexington, KY. 1oz apple brandy, 0.5-0.75 oz pear liquer, 0.5oz lemon juice, dash of simple syrup, 2 oz dry fizzy cider float. Light stir. 10/10 would do again.
  8. Corey Fish

    SO4 vs WLP002

    For nutrient, I just followed the dosing sheet on the Fermaid O tech sheet. I haven't checked the final SG yet. I'll have to get back to you but I'm sure it's around 1.000
  9. Corey Fish

    SO4 vs WLP002

    Lees weren't all that compact. Not like a beer yeast. I'd compare it with other "medium" flocculators I've used. I did not cold crash. Clarity is slowly getting there. I racked to secondary and it's still fairly cloudy--less than it was when I first racked but still somewhat cloudy. It's...
  10. Corey Fish

    SO4 vs WLP002

    For what it's worth, I decided to give M2 (scott labs product) a go. It's a high nutrient demand yeast so I followed the instructions and used fermaid O at the end of lag and again about 1/2 done with fermentation. The flavor profile is amazing compared to any of the other yeasts I used...
  11. Corey Fish

    Very, very old ceramic demijon.

    No need to get it tested. Any big box hardware store carries simple lead tests that change color to indicate presence of lead.
  12. Corey Fish

    Keg and serve cider at room temp help

    It was Imperial Yeast Dieter. All batches fermented at 62 to 64 F. This was also the only batch to form a huge Krausen and bubble up into the airlock a bit. The other issue is that now 1 month post fermentation start, this is also the only batch to develop a Pellicle. The pellicle is clean...
  13. Corey Fish

    Keg and serve cider at room temp help

    Ordinarily, I'd agree with you except the other 31 gallons are doing exactly what they should be, taste coming along, etc. This batch, I used a very different yeast and it is flat, watery, ZERO taste, insipid, etc... I understand how things mellow with age, but something strange went on with...
  14. Corey Fish

    Keg and serve cider at room temp help

    Hi there! No room for a kegerator and I have 5-10 gallons of hard cider from this years apples that didn’t come out super great. I’m planning on adding tannin, acid, stabilizing and backsweetening followed by first timer kegging. Keg room is 62-64degrees, and I’d like to use either a hand tap...
  15. Corey Fish

    First timer with a question about crabs

    I think its a great idea to mix this in. Sometimes it’s helpful to know what the titratable acid and OG of the crab juice so you can make an informed decision. The whole reason for adding crabs is to add tannins and acids which it sounds like you have that based on what you’re describing...