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    Philly Sour brew - not sour enough

    I can’t claim personal experience here but believe simple sugar availability at the start of fermentation can increase sourness from this yeast. So adding some dextrose or table sugar at end of boil may help in future. would echo the other comment that if you want to try more sour on this one...
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    Kitchen stovetop induction BIAB

    was offering for PM on specific questions or details. There is nothing to elaborate on to me without specifics. It is just stovetop brewing in the end. I don’t know the burner outputs etc. never looked them up just tried it and it worked so kept going.
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    Kitchen stovetop induction BIAB

    I have been doing all grain BIAB on my Bosch induction cooktop for 2 years. I can give you some input if you want to PM on details. the burner is not full size of the pot and I don’t see issues with mash temps (I do recirc as well). Boiling does take a bit of time to get to compared to gas but...
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    Dry Hopping in pressured fermenter.

    this is what I do and have had good success. I have adopted this over keg hopping and magnets because of observation of dry hops after the beer has been transferred or consumed. In addition to the CO2 on the liquid side to purge CO2 throughout a good number of head space purgings after putting...
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    Tips for Full Fridge Kegerator

    Have had a 4 tap, 8 corny keg keezer up and going for some time. The freezer was old when I got it an appears to have bit the dust. I had not been happy with the moisture issues of the keezer in summer due to the high humidity in my area so decided to go to a kegerator when my keezer died...
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    Evabarrier right angle

    Late reply, I have 90" right before the duotight shank fittings. I do have 10ft of 4mm beer line on all my lines as well. No issues with foaming as a result of this setup. I did have it setup with just tubing before and also no issues there so adding the 90 did not change that.
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    Oxidation - Where am i going wrong

    Do it in the mash. 4-6g in mash accomplishes the same thing is my understanding. I follow the Genus Brewing advice on this.
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    Oxidation - Where am i going wrong

    This was going to be my suggestion as well. Everything else seems like very good practices.
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    There has to be a better way to drain BIAB over a kettle at mashout without using a hoist

    it Sits inside. I am using a 10G kettle. About 13 inches ID if I remember correctly. Fits perfectly on my kettle so that there is an opening between the colander and edge of kettle so that anything that runs over the edge ends up in kettle not on the stove. for a long boil the bottom of...
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    There has to be a better way to drain BIAB over a kettle at mashout without using a hoist

    I’ve been using the over sink mesh strainer since I started brewing about 2 years ago. About 40 batches in. It has worked ok but I’ve never been really happy with sparging it or how often I’ll get a mess due to the bag flopping out. Because of this thread I’ve went and got an 8 quart stainless...
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    Mandarina bavaria hop / orange Kolsch question...

    Recently did American wheat beer with 1.5kg of fresh peaches added to fermenter. I used 1oz MB hops and whirlpooled with them for 20min. Bittered to 20ibu with Loral and 5 IBU late additions from 1/4 oz of Loral and 1/2 oz lemon drop at 10 and 5 respectively. Not a simple recipe to say what the...
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    Black IPA thing of the past?

    To be honest I don’t get very hung up on style definitions. Brew Dog DIY recipe book has a very hoppy “Porter” called Libertine Porter that I made last winter. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it as a recipe for people to look at.
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    Lutra Omega Yeast Washing --> Seltzers

    I would say I got about 500-600mL of saved yeast from a batch. I pitched half back in to each successive batch. I will highlight that each batch after about two weeks of aging has eliminated the sulfurish, bready yeast aroma that is there when the brew is young. I suspect I’ve done a few things...
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    Making Cider with 8 Different Yeasts - Which Should I Supersize to 5 Gallons?

    Maybe a hijack here but has anyone ever used lactose and/or monk fruit sugar to back sweeten? I am also in process of first batch of cider (S04 ferment) and was hoping to keg and use unfermentable sweetener to avoid the whole halting yeast step.
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    Brew Space

    What induction plate do you use? I use induction stove and am interested in moving my brewing to the basement and had been thinking about an upgrade to all in one but an induction plate would be nice and simple and I could easily add a 240 outlet. Cool project, best of luck!