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  1. codysorgenfrey

    Great Notion - Double Stack clone

    I’m brewing this right now as we speak. I got some “very dark and strong taste” syrup and I’m doing 6oz/gallon. I’ll let you know how it turns out.
  2. codysorgenfrey

    Great Notion - Double Stack clone

    Any tips on boiling down/concentrating the syrup? Seems like it’d caramelize/burn pretty easy.
  3. codysorgenfrey

    Great Notion - Double Stack clone

    Great post, and blog site! Please do share how much maple syrup and maple extract you go with for round two! I plan on doing a 1 gallon batch of this in the next month or so (I really shouldn’t drink 5 gallons of this myself). I’ll post how it goes (if it goes)!
  4. codysorgenfrey

    Washington Kettle 50qt (12.5 gal)

    Homebrew kettle, 50 quart or 12.5 gallon, aluminum. Comes with lid, spigot, kettle screen, and a thermometer (not shown). Works great, I bought it used then used for several brews but upgraded to stainless steel. $40 obo.
  5. codysorgenfrey

    Incredibly Frustrated With Poor Efficiency

    I don’t BIAB, but I had similar frustrations at first with low mash efficiency. I tried everything, until I finally got a mill and made sure the grind was what it should be and my mash efficiency shot way up, like 15% consistently. If you’re not milling the grain so you can stick your hand...
  6. codysorgenfrey

    Best homebrewing app for iPhone

    I found I prefer Brewfather over BeerSmith. The interface is much more organized and thought out, and after using both for some time they’re both very accurate. I will say Brewfathers water calculator is much more accurate and easier to use than BeerSmiths as well as. I also prefer all my...
  7. codysorgenfrey

    Tilt Hydrometer Windows 10 cloud logging

    Thanks for checking the project out! There was a bug causing the thread to lock up while looking for devices. It’s been fixed if you pull the latest! If you’re running the latest and it’s still doing that, could you post your settings json?
  8. codysorgenfrey

    Other Half Daydream (oat cream IPAs) - all grain clone attempts

    Brewed this last month. So far it's been in the keg for 9 days. It does have a small amount of hop burn, but I'm hopeful this will subside. Other than that it's an amazing beer! Very fruity aroma and well rounded body. Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to control the hop burn any...
  9. codysorgenfrey

    Tilt Hydrometer Windows 10 cloud logging

    Hey friends! I just got a new Tilt Hydrometer for Christmas and was shocked to find no support for using a windows pc to sit beside the fermenter and log what it hears to the cloud! I whipped up a quick utility that does just that. You're all welcome to give it a try! Find it at my BitBucket...
  10. codysorgenfrey

    OG is off even after pre Boil and Boil volume is spot on

    I get wildly different readings if I take a sample from the bottom vs collecting all the runnings, stirring, then taking a sample. I bet that’s your issue.
  11. codysorgenfrey

    Chuckanut Pilsner Intel

    It’s been a long time since I heard it, but maybe theres some clues in this Reuben’s Sightglass interview?
  12. codysorgenfrey

    Inkbird controller question

    Not sure if you found this already but the compressor delay (PT) setting on the controller is great. I have mine set to 10 minutes. It tells the controller not to cycle on or off the compressor more than once every X amount of minutes.
  13. codysorgenfrey

    Error somewhere in my gravity measurements

    ^^ So true 😂. It’s not much difference, but I enjoy geeking out about the process. Thanks for the tip!
  14. codysorgenfrey

    Error somewhere in my gravity measurements

    Ahhhh great insight. I do the same thing. I made markings on my kettle based off water measured with a Pyrex measuring cup. That’s probably what’s happening. I’m not too concerned about the mash being a few points under. I had my brew house efficiency set higher in BeerSmith than I actually...