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    Pensacola Fl June 1 to June 12

    Mostly because this thread is from '09 and it opened in Oct 2010. Thanks for bringing up a good memory though!
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    CFC Users: How do you get it clean and keep it clean?

    I am hesitantly pleased to announce that after a few cycles of PBW soak, wait an hour, purge, soak, wait an hour, etc, I have seen nothing but clean solution coming out. Either I did a really good job of cleaning it before I put it away last time or the gunk is permanently part of the chiller...
  3. Coastarine

    Hydrometer Calibration

    And wouldn't you know it, I went to recal my refractometer now...Hydrometer read 1.037 @ 84.5*F, corrected to 1.036. Refracto read 9.0 Brix which gives a brix correction factor of 1.00000 according to beersmith. Hot damn!
  4. Coastarine

    Hydrometer Calibration

    I am prepping for my first brew in 10 months. I expect to make some mistakes and run into some speed bumps, so I'm doing most of the prep a day in advance. One thing I decided to do is check the calibration of my refractometer, hydrometer, and thermapen. The thermapen and refractometer needed...
  5. Coastarine

    CFC Users: How do you get it clean and keep it clean?

    After doing some reading I am going to switch to PBW as it apparently is superior at breaking up the type of organic crud that I am bound to encounter.
  6. Coastarine

    Is PBW the same as Oxyclean

    Did his name not give it away to you? I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm just saying that it is obviously a comment from someone at Five Star, the makers of StarSan and PBW, and it should be no surprise nor should it detract from their reputation that they are active on brewing forums to answer...
  7. Coastarine

    CFC Users: How do you get it clean and keep it clean?

    AZ, what kind of hose do you have? I know some people used a more heat resistant rubber hose but I went with the cheap-o vinyl one. I might consider rigging up a gravity feed for a good hot cleaning. I do have a nice high HLT on my 3-tier. It would be a shame if the boiling water heated the...
  8. Coastarine

    CFC Users: How do you get it clean and keep it clean?

    That sounds like a pretty solid plan, but I forgot to mention the details of my pump. Most of us use the standard march pump, but I went with the self priming pump that can't handle high temps. For this reason I can only use the pump up-stream of the chiller ("pushing" the liquid through) if...
  9. Coastarine

    CFC Users: How do you get it clean and keep it clean?

    Hey all, it has been quite a while since I posted or even read anything here, mostly because it has been quite a while since I brewed anything! About 10 months to be precise, but it is time to get back on that horse. This is the longest I have ever gone between brew sessions, and I just know...
  10. Coastarine

    "Hop Dust" making my IPA harsh

    My latest batch of IPA has a problem that a few of my past batches have faced as well. I dry hopped it in the keg using 2oz simcoe pellets in a mesh hop bag for 10 days at 68*F. It now has a very fine hop dust suspended in it that makes for a harsh taste in the back of your throat as you drink...
  11. Coastarine

    Do carbonation tabs require yeast?

    Bingo. 70-75 will give you the fastest results, but mid 60's should get the job done too since your house in WI might only be that warm.
  12. Coastarine

    Instead of the usual instant read thermometer...

    I wouldn't know but if you email the manufacturer they probably tell you.
  13. Coastarine

    Easy Ginger Ale

    To do what you're describing, mix up the original recipe, loosely put the cap on, and let it ferment out. Now, add another cup of sugar, tighten the lid, and proceed as before...you picturing this? It's not pretty. Ginger hooch. You're much better off just using it as a mixer, with scotch...
  14. Coastarine

    Easy Ginger Ale

    See the bold text in the original post. This works with beer because we carefully control the amount of fermentable sugar that goes into the bottle. Ginger ale is full of fermentable sugar, which is why it needs to go in the fridge (to halt the fermenation) once it has appropriately...
  15. Coastarine

    Easy Ginger Ale

    Any thoughts on replacing half of the sugar with splenda? Obviously some real sugar needs to remain in order to carbonate but SWMBO is more likely to enjoy it if it's a little lighter on the sugar.